Barry M Lychee and Sinful Colors Me First

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing a lovely nude colour – I was in the mood for something simple and clean and this is the perfect polish for that. This is Barry M Lychee which was part of the Gelly collection. Everything you may have heard about this collection is true. They have a great formula, coverage and are nice and shiny, like Gelly (or Jelly?).

After I put it on, I wanted to jazz it up a bit without covering it up too much (because I like it!) and decided to put a neon line down the middle using a Sinful Colors Striper called Me First…this is when things went all wrong!

I waited too long to remove the striping tape that I used to create the line down the middle and removed half of the line. Then I washed my hands and all the fluff from the towel stuck to the glue the tape left behind, gross! So in an attempt to save the whole mani, I drew squiggly lines down either side of the neon  with my black Wah Nails nail art pen.

I still don’t know if I saved the mani or ruined it but  wanted to share it with you anyway.

198.1 Barry M Lychee, Sinful Colours Me First Striper and Wah Nails Nail Art Pen 1

What do you think? Did I save the mani or is it ruined?

Thanks for looking! :)


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