Revlon Tanzanite

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing Revlon Tanzanite. It is a lovely metallic purple colour that shifts to a bronze colour at certain angles. The colour shift in the bottle is stronger (and prettier) than on the nail, but I still think it’s a pretty polish. :)

You can see the purple at the top of my nails and you can see the bronze closer to my cuticles.

201.1 Revlon Tanzanite 1

I wanted to do a striping tape mani and thought black would be a nice contrast to the purple metallic and here’s how it turned out:

201.2 Revlon Tanzanite and Essie Liqourice 1

Finally, here’s a pic of the bottle so you can see the gorgeous colour shift (and why I was disappointed it didn’t translate to the nail).

201.3 Revlon Tanzanite 1

I was really happy with the bright purple metallic colour but look at that lovely gold! I really wish the gold was stronger on the nail. It doesn’t even turn gold, it’s more of a dull bronze. Still pretty but just prettier in the bottle. :)

Thanks for looking!

7 thoughts on “Revlon Tanzanite

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  2. Wow that looks awesome! I definitely want to try it out. I think the colour shift is different on the nail because our nails are curved and the bottle is a different shape too. I could be wrong. I am intrigued by those striped nails. You should do a tutorial on it. I would like to give it a go. It looks fun but still classy because of the dark shade.


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