Maybelline (Brocades) Knitted Gold

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing the most beautiful nail polish! It is so shiny and reflective. I mentioned in my 7 Deadly Sins tag, that the one nail polish I really wish I owned, was Lacquistry Amazeballs. The reason I want this polish so badly, is because it is a super blingy, Minx-type-effect, nail polish. Well, this is the drugstore version. Yay!

It isn’t super smooth, like Minx, or all one colour, like Amazeballs, but the light it catches is amazing! In every type of light, my nails glowed! I was so happy with this purchase! I wore this polish for days and loved every second.

It is made up of very small, yellow gold glassflecks and larger rose gold glitter. This is three coats of polish, topped with one coat of Seche Vite. After three coats, you get a solid yellow gold glow but the addition of the pink glitter makes it far more interesting and girly, because it also catches the light and sparkles.

This is immediately one of my favourite nail polishes of the year so far. Hope you like it too!

208.1 Maybelline Knitted Gold 01

The yellow gold glassfleck is so blinding above, that I want to show you a pic of the bottle too, so that you can see all the lovely pink glitter.

208.3 Maybelline Knitted Gold 01


What do you think of this type of glitter?

Thanks for looking! :)



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