Deborah Lippman Between The Sheets

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing a gorgeous purple creme polish from Deborah Lippman, called Between The Sheets. This is two coats over, my base coat of the moment, Essie Millionails and I used Essence Gel Look Topcoat to finish it off.

I thought this was a very pretty colour. I only have a few Deborah Lippmans but I’m really starting to like this brand. Even though the polish may look plain or boring in the bottle, it’s always pretty and flattering on the nail. It is an expensive brand but the beautiful colours make it worth the money. I do feel like I’m wearing a little bit of luxury when I wear a polish like this. Even if it’s just a feeling – it makes me happy!


223.1 Deborah Lippman Between The Sheets

Plus – I love the square bottles. :)

223.4 Deborah Lippman Between The Sheets


What do you think of Deborah Lippman? Have you tried any of these polishes or are they too expensive?


Thanks for looking! 

– Eleobel



6 thoughts on “Deborah Lippman Between The Sheets

  1. Oooh, very trendy radiant orchid colour :)
    Great looking nails btw!
    I don’t own any polishes by Deborah Lippman, I have looked up swatches of popular shades, but none of them were interesting enough to my eye to go for the splurge. Phew ;)


    • It is radiant orchid! I didn’t even notice lol Thank you so much TheLizzer! I’m glad you havn’t been tempted because now that I have a few, I want more and my purse strongly disagrees! :)


  2. This looks stunning. I only have two Deborah Lippmann nail varnishes and they’re both glitter varnishes. I’d love to try some more but I do find it hard to justify the price tag. xxx


  3. This is a gorgeous colour.girly and sophisticated. Love it.! Your nails look lovely and neat. Mine never do. You make it look so easy .well done. How about a spring colour to cheer us up ? Thanks!


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