Deborah Lippmann Fashion

Hi Everyone!

Last Sunday night the Oscars aired and I finally got to see it yesterday. I’ve always paid attention to what everyone had on their nails, because nails are my favourite part, but in recent years it’s become alot easier to see them because of the Mani-Cam.

This year I thought there was a big trend for pale, sheer nude nails. I like this trend because it’s simple, clean and girly. My favourite Mani-Cam nails were Amy Adams nude nails. The colour suited her and she had rounded nails which are very natural looking and on trend.

Also featured on the Mani-Cam were Lupita Nyong’o and Jessica Biel, both had nude nails. Kristin Chenoweth was on the mani cam too and had long stiletto nude nails that had a fun gold glitter gradient at the tips, which I loved. I can’t resist adding a bit of sparkle to my own nails :)

To see the Mani-Cam, and the nails I just mentioned, in action click here.

My tribute to the Oscar 2014 nude nails is Deborah Lippman Fashion. Although the nude nails of the night were pinker and sheer, I’ve been dying to try out this polish since I bought it and although the colour isn’t exactally what was used on the night, the brand is very fitting because Deborah Lippman did the nails for  Lupita Nyong’o and her work can often be seen on the runway. It’s only fitting that I chose one of her polishes. :)

Here it is alone:

225.1 Deborah Lippmann Fashion

I had to add some glitter a la Kristen Chenowith. (I agree with Julia Roberts that the Oscars is a place for classic Hollywood glamour and not nail art, but nail art is so fun!) I used Catrice Million Dollar Baby and simply started painting half way down the nail to get this effect.

225.2 Deborah Lippmann Fashion and Catrice Million Dollar Baby

What did you guys think of this years Oscar nails? Do you prefer when the stars go classic  like Giuliana Rancic or when they wear nail art like Maria Menounos?

Thanks for looking!


P.s. When I was googling pics of Oscar nails, I came across this great list of the eight best nail looks on They’re second fav nail look was Kristen Chenowith’s – the nails that inspired today’s mani! Of course then I started looking at their nail polishes – so many great colours! My wish list just got a bit longer! :)


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