Nails Inc Porchester Square

Hi Everyone :)

Today I’m wearing Nails Inc Porchester Square. It’s a beautiful nude colour and is the most flattering nude I have yet to wear. I usually add something to a nude to jazz it up and had planned to add some neon over this, but I didn’t have time over the weekend and quite enjoyed wearing this on it’s own. I was shocked because I’m usually reaching for the nail polish remover after a few hours when I wear nude.

It almost has a slight lavender tint to it, this is what sets it apart from other nude polishes and makes it unique. (That, and the fact that it seems to suit every skin tone). I often watch Nails Inc on QVC because they demonstrate the newest nail polish releases and tell you all about them, and they are always saying this is one of their best selling shades, and now I can see why.

I never had the urge to buy it on it’s own because, as I said, I’m not much of a nude polish girl, but it was included in a mini set I bought and I’m so glad I have it now. I can see it immediately becoming my go-to polish when I need something neutral but also a bit unique and flattering.

226 Nails Inc Porchester Square (EN)


What do you think of the nude polish trend? It is boring or classic?

Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel <3



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