The New Black Pink Flamingo

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing a lovely pastel pink from The New Black, called Pink Flamingo. The New Black do amazing little box sets and I’ve wanted to try them for ages but they are a little bit expensive for my budget. So when I recently saw a bunch of them in the discount bin, I pounced!

This particular polish comes with a mini lip gloss in the same colour. I thought this was a really cute idea regardless of the quality but I was pleasantly surprised at the great quality of the lip gloss and the polish. The lip gloss is a sheer pink colour with a tiny bit of shimmer, really girly and pretty – I almost like it more than the polish! It has a slight minty scent but no taste or sticky feeling. The perfect lip gloss in my book!

I was really happy with the polish too because I love pastel pink on nails but I always find that it clashes with my warm skintone and the colour doesn’t really pop. This one, I thought, was really flattering and didn’t look washed out against my skin.

In summary, the size of the gloss and polish are small but the quality of both is excellent. It was definitely worth the discounted price I paid but I would absolutely buy more The New Black at full price. I highly recommend trying them if you haven’t already. :)

227.1 The New Black Pink Flamingo Barry M Rose Quartz (EN)

Oh! P.s. The accent nail is Barry M Rose Quartz and is a medium pink/rose gold glitter and small silver/holographic glitter. The picture below is not colour accurate (or flattering) but I took it in direct sun to show off the holographic glitter.

227.2 The New Black Pink Flamingo Barry M Rose Quartz (EN)


Hope you liked my pink on pink nails!

Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel <3



15 thoughts on “The New Black Pink Flamingo

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  3. Lovely colour, I’ve never tried anything from The New Black. But I will tell you something crazy, yesterday I was wearing Butter London’s Teddy Girl (possibly my favourite baby pink colour) and I used Barry M’s Rose Quartz Glitter on my middle and ring fingers! Clearly great minds think alike! xxx


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