Sinful Colors Happy Ending and Claire’s Digi Pop

Hi Everyone :)


Today I have on my new favourite green nail polish. Sinful Colors Happy Ending is a beautiful vibrant apple green with a strong yellow shimmer. It is so pretty, it glows! I am not a fan of green polishes usually but this was a gift and one I am so happy to have.

When I picked out my polishes for this mani, I didn’t think I’d like the green polish so I also picked out the neon yellow glitter from Claire’s, called Digi Pop to layer over it. (If you havn’t been in Claire’s lately, check out their amazing new range of polishes!) I thought the yellow glitter would kind of match the yellow shimmer and cover the green and I’d end up with a cute mani.

However, I loved the green polish on it’s own and after putting the glitter over one nail, I regretted it and stopped. So I ended up with an index finger accent nail. It just goes to show, don’t judge a polish in the bottle! :p

234.2 Sinful Colors Happy Ending and Claire's Digi PopJPG

234.1 Sinful Colors Happy Ending and Clarie's Digi Pop


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3


10 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Happy Ending and Claire’s Digi Pop

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  5. You’re right eleobel ,this is a gorgeous green. I wouldn’t have thought of green myself either, this is lovely.where do you buy sinful colour,I haven’t heard of it before. I would like to try it.thanks!


  6. Green is my favourite colour so I love this polish too! I like the pointer finger accent nail and that glitter topper is awesome!! I think I’ll have to check out Claire’s soon! Gorgeous nails as always! :)


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