Rimmel Aurora (Space Dust Collection)


Hi Everyone! :)

Today I’m wearing Rimmel Aurora, one of the polishes from the Space Dust collection. I already posted about the silver polish from this collection, Shooting Star, and how it’s now my favourite silver glitter/texture of all time. I seriously love this polish too. This is my all time top favourite nude from now on. It’s amazing to have two favourites from one collection, great job on this one Rimmel!

This is a nude texture polish with fine and larger silver glitter. I didn’t manage to capture how beautiful this one is in these pics, but let me tell you the colour is perfect. I thought it really suited my skintone (which is really hard to do with nudes).

The silver glitter was really sparkly which I loved! (Have I ever mentioned that I love sparkly glitter? :p) I love the contrast between the matte nude and the sparkly glitter. The small silver glitter lay in between the bits of raised texture and glittered away and the larger glitter lay on top of the texture and they really sparkled. It was a really lovely effect.

I’m annoyed I couldn’t capture how pretty it is on camera but here are my pics anyway :)


Rimmel Aurora

240.1 Rimmel Aurora (EN)


Here’s the bottle, I thought I’d get a better pic of how pretty it is in the bottle but no luck. You’ll just have to take my word for it and try this one yourself to see how nice it is :)

240.2 Rimmel Aurora (EN)


Thanks for looking! :)


– Eleobel <3


7 thoughts on “Rimmel Aurora (Space Dust Collection)

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  2. Oh it looks beautiful! I did a review of the moonwalking one. I’m so bad at applying nail polish and that one was all over the place hahaha. I also did a nail art post a few days ago ooooh I need so much practice :D


    • Thank you! I fell behind reading the blogs I follow the last couple of weeks so I’m sorry that I missed those posts, I’m sure they were lovely! I can’t wait to catch up and see them, especially the moonwalking one :)


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