Claire’s Splatter Pink

Hi everyone :)

Today I have on a neon pink jelly polish that has black and white glitter in it. I really loved this polish when I saw it in Claire’s but when I picked it up to use it yesterday, the bottom of the bottle was yellow. I’m not sure what happened but the overall polish took on a slight yellow tint which really annoyed me.

Although I love the new range of polishes in Claire’s and they are reasonable priced, they are more expensive than Essence or Catrice and regardless of the price, I don’t expect polishes to change colour. I’m hoping this was a one time bad formula and the other polishes I bought will stand the test of time but this, along with a rude check out girl, has meant that I haven’t been back to buy any more from them.

Here’s a link to the other Claire’s glitter that I already showed you, Digi Pop.

Claire’s Splatter Pink. Three coats and a coat of Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Gel Effect Top Coat.

250 Claire's Splatter Pink 01


Do you guys have any Claire’s nail polishes? What are they like?


Thanks for looking :)




15 thoughts on “Claire’s Splatter Pink

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  2. I bought a few Claire’s polishes recently but haven’t tried any of them yet.
    I think this splatter polish looks really pretty but I do see a slightl yellowish tint too.
    I guess this one’s meant to be used up quickly.


      • The Claire’s polishes are on top of my “to look for” list. I know they’re in one of the boxes, I just need to find them. Oh, and the Sour Apple Sugar Coat. I’ve found all the others but not this one. One day they’ll all show up when I least expect it, I’m sure.


        • Ahh I understand completely! When you’re looking for a different polish you’ll keep finding those and when you want those you’ll only be able to find other polishes! :)


  3. You have the most perfect nail shape. *jealous*
    How do you manage to apply nail polish in coats? Whenever I apply more than one coat it tends to look like puddles. I don’t know if I’m making sense but it always ends up looking uneven. I also never wait long enough for my nails to dry. I’m sitting at my desk with thick peach/orange nails. :(


  4. That’s pretty, but the black reads brown through the pink jelly – it sort of reminds me of the colouring of a Manhattan cocktail. Claire’s polishes are really not that great. I bought this layered polish one time (like, five colours layered in one bottle), and I don’t know why on earth I thought it would come out of the bottle as anything other than a muddled orange mess, but of course it did! And as I recall, it wasn’t inexpensive either. You’re right, Essence or Sally Hansen are far better bets (and MUCH better quality.)


    • The polish has a yellow tinge (more apparent irl) to it and that’s why the black reads brown :( It’s a shame that your experience with Claire’s polishes wasn’t good either. I guess we’re sticking to other brands :) Thanks for your feedback! :)


  5. I like it though,it’s gorgeous. But I must say the girls in Claire’s are a bit full on,very pushy,and often ratty, so I don’t go in very often myself . But their nail Polish is glittery and lovely. Your nails are always so neat and the nail polish looks lovely on you.


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