Rimmel Royal Blue and Essence Circus Confetti

Hi everyone :)

Rimmel Royal Blue is a pastel duochrome. It has a light blue base and it flashes to lavender and bright green when the light hits it at different angles. The colour flashes are subtle but they go with the base colour, all three colours are soft and pretty.

I was prepared to be disappointed in this polish because I thought the duochrome effect would be weak but instead I liked how the soft colours looked. Sometimes a subtle effect can be as pretty as a strong one.

Of course I couldn’t leave it alone though! I wanted to add a bit more colour, so I added Essence Circus Confetti, a multi coloured glitter topper. I thought they would go well together but they clashed. I liked both polishes but I’d pair them with different polished in the future. It was still a fun colourful mani and I ended up enjoying it while it was on.

Rimmel Royal Blue (three coats) and Essence Circus Confetti (one coat)and Essence Gel Look Topcoat.

351.1 Rimmel Royal Blue and Essence Circus Confetti 01

Rimmel Royal Blue

351.3 Rimmel Royal Blue 01

Essence Circus Confetti

351.5 Essence Circus Confetti 01


Did you ever pair two polishes that didn’t match but liked them anyway?


Thanks for looking :)




8 thoughts on “Rimmel Royal Blue and Essence Circus Confetti

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