Layla Ceramic Effect 52

Hi :)

This polish is easily the most beautiful polish I have ever worn! I love flakies more than any other finish, more than neon, more than glitter, more than neon glitter! This polish is a purple jelly packed with flakies. Gorgeous!

The purple jelly base is so squishy and bright. The flakies are breathtaking, they flash from bright red/orange to yellow to green, depending on the angle of the light. This is one polish you have to see in motion. (Read: you have to wiggle your fingers to see all the pretty colours :)

I found it so difficult to capture how pretty this one was on my nails, but the bottle pic captures it perfectly:

352.1 Layla CE52 01


352.6 Layla CE52 01


I loved this so much! I need the red version! :)

What do you think? Do you love flakies?


Thanks for looking! :)




13 thoughts on “Layla Ceramic Effect 52

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    • That is true but in fairness I have to say this particular polish was easy to remove, so if you do want to try a flakie, go for this one :) Have you tried the tin foil trick when removing polish? You put a piece of cotton wool soaked with nail polish remover over your nails and then cover that with tin foil, leave for ten mins and all polish (glitter/flakies/anything!) will come off in one swipe – it’s worth a try if you like glitter but hate removal :)


  2. Oooh, this is insanely pretty, the bottle shot looks amazing! It reminds me of Color Club The Uptown. I definitely need to get my hands on either of these!
    Have a nice weekend, x.


  3. what an amazing nail polish! I’ve never heard of this brand before… I have a transparent polish with flakies that I love, I’m going to use it over a purple one after what I just saw!


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