Sinful Colors Envy and Pretty Graffiti Effect

Hi guys :)

Sinful Colors Envy is a dark forest green jelly polish. It’s not a sheer polish, (like most jelly’s), because I got full coverage with two coats, but it still has that lovely squishy finish that make jelly’s so fun.

Pretty is a brand of polishes I’ve posted about before. They are sold in the UK and Ireland in Poundland and Dealz and alot of them are very pretty and cheap! Graffiti Effect is a multi-coloured glitter that looks like fireworks! I loved it. My Pretty collection grows every time I’m in Dealz, but the smell! They really do stink, but when I’m in the shop looking at the lovely sparkly bottles, I always forget about that. Then I open the bottle and immediately have to open the window!

Here they are together; both had great formulas. I used two coats of Envy, one coat of Graffiti Effect and Essie Good To Go Topcoat.

360 Sinful Colors Envy and Pretty Graffiti Effect

Thanks for looking :)



9 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Envy and Pretty Graffiti Effect

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  2. I love all your notds, so pretty! I see above you’re very busy at the moment but would love to see you post more when you have time!


    • Thank you so much Katherine! I really appreciate your support and taking the time to comment. I’m working on it – I will definitely have more notds soon :)


    • Hi Ting! :) I got a second job and have been really busy, I didn’t mean to stop blogging for so long but I haven’t had the time. I’m hoping to get re-organised and make time to blog again soon :) Thanks so much for the message! <3


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