Ciate Kiss Chase and Ciate Cookies and Cream

Hi guys! :D

With the July issue of Marie Claire, they gave away free mini Ciate caviar beads/nail polish sets and I bought the pink one! I like Ciate nail polish but I can’t support a company that treats nail bloggers sooo poorly. (You’ll have to Google it for the full story).

So I can’t buy the polishes because I have to stick with my blogger girls and, ya know, morals.


They gave these sets away free so I’m not supporting the company…technically….well…look pretty nails!

*Preforms a nail wiggling dance to distract you from the moral greyness*

I decided at the last minute to ditch the caviar beads, because my cat ends up eating them all from the floor where they eventually end up, and instead went for a Pinterest style mani a.k.a. a pretty polish with a blingy accent :)

I used two coats of Ciate Kiss Chase, a very pretty shade of pink with a great formula and then painted my ring finger with Rimmel Precious Metal but the silver polish wasn’t as shiny as Nails Inc South Kensington so I added some no name holographic/silver glitter over it.

Ciate Kiss Chase

362.1 Ciate Kiss Chase (free with marie claire july)and Rimmel Precious Metal and Glitter


This wasn’t my first free mini Ciate nail polish/caviar bead set; here’s one I prepared earlier!

This is Ciate Cookies and Cream and the Caviar beads are called Shooting Star. (This is a June 2012 mani from my archives ((Archives is my fancy term for flickr)) and also my favourite nude polish evvvaaar! :)

129 Ciate Cookies and Cream and Caviar Pearls Shooting Star


Thanks for looking! Hope you like these manis :)


-Eleobel <3



10 thoughts on “Ciate Kiss Chase and Ciate Cookies and Cream

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  3. I had never heard of the ciate-blogger controversy before. It looks like it was from 2012. Hasn’t it blown over by now? The whole thing sounds fishy (haha).

    I love that pink colour. Love my pinks.


    • Well if it was your original nail art idea that they packaged and sold and sent you a letter to stop posting it because they decided they now owned it, you would probably still be mad two years later! I would be! I like the colour too :)


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