Leighton Denny Best Seller

Hi guys! :)

I have another freebie to show you today, even though it’s from last July! Harper’s Bazaar were giving away free Leighton Denny nail polishes with their July issue and I picked up this colour. It showed promise in the bottle but on the nail it was blah and the shimmer died.

It wasn’t light or dark enough to be anything other than a run of the mill red and the shimmer that would have made it special drowned in the formula. The formula was bad too, not the worst (Model’s Own) but it was a bit thick and took forever to dry.

I have a few other Leighton Denny polishes (all freebies) and they all have bad formulas and take forever to dry, especially the quick dry topcoat!

I was going to order Leighton Denny many times from QVC because he is a great salesman and I like him personally but I’m really glad I didn’t because the quality just isn’t up to scratch, especially given the price tag! Sorry Leighton. This was a big disappointment.

Leighton Denny Best Seller

363 Leighton Denny Best Seller (free with Bazzar in July)


Thanks for looking!




8 thoughts on “Leighton Denny Best Seller

  1. Really pretty colour and surprised to hear Leighton Denny polish is so hard to work with, I have seen them in the magazine freebies but never picked one up! Glad I didnt now, I’m way too impatient for difficult formulas, but obviously you are much more patient as you did a lovely job!


  2. That’s interesting eleobel because I was often going to buy Leighton Denny but it is a bit pricey ,for the size of the bottle. Glad to know that. That’s why your blog is great, I can enjoy your nails, while my own are awful. Thanks eleobel !


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