P.S. Love… (No Name) and Claire’s Dizzy


Hi Everyone :)

Today I have a really bright and really cheap mani! My favourite kind!

The purple polish is from Penny’s/Primark and I love these polishes because they have the brightest colours but they do smell. They smell of chemicals but I can’t resist a good neon polish, especially a purple one. I also can’t resist a bargain!

The purple neons are never really neon. (Am I right? If you have a neon purple polish please tell me!) This one is very bright but still not neon. It’s way brighter than my next brightest purple polish but I’m still on the hunt for a highlighter neon purple.

The glitter from Claire’s was also a bargain, I loved the bright mix of neon matte glitter which was all over the indie polish sites during the summer. As I’m a polish addict on a budget, I rescued this one from the bargain bin and was really happy to finally have a neon glitter! (Even though I still want the Indie original!).

The formulas of both were not great. Both a little thick and hard to manage and chemically. I’m sure they won’t last well, they will probably be a gloopy, discoloured mess by next summer but that’s the price (you don’t) pay when you buy cheap products.

It’s a constant argument in my head, to buy good quality  and be able to use it over and over or cheap and have to probably bin it. What do you guys think? Do you buy all high end polishes or all cheap or a mix?

I used Essie Good To Go Topcoat.


P.S. Love… No Name and Claire’s Dizzy

365 P.S. Love... No Name and Claire's Dizzy


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3


4 thoughts on “P.S. Love… (No Name) and Claire’s Dizzy

  1. Ooh pretty!! I bought Claire’s Dizzy too actually and never wore it, I never thought of using it for an accent, that’s a great idea! Love it with the purple!
    I like a mix of brands, I like to treat myself to some high end ones but budget doesn’t always stretch! I like Catrice and Essence, never bought one of those PS polishes but I must try them!


    • Thank you so much! You must try DIzzy, it’s so much fun :) I’m the same! I love Catrice! I hover in front of my chemists Catrice stand like a moth to a flame!


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