Essence My Sweet Escape

Hi everyone :)

This is one of Essence’s Thermo Effect nail polishes and these polishes change colour!

When my hands are warm, this polish is peach and when they’re cold it turns nude! This was really funny to me because in work my nails were nude because it’s freezing there and at home they were peach. :)

The formula was great, I’ve tried thermo polishes before and they chipped like crazy almost immediately so I was very impressed with this one and the price is unbeatable.

I highly recommend you try these thermo effect polishes just for the fun of watching the colour change when you wash your hands, or go into work! :)

I dipped my hands in cold water to show you the polish colour change below.

Essence My Sweet Escape

396.1 Essence My Sweet Escape (Thermo Effect)396.2 Essence My Sweet Escape (Thermo Effect)396.3 Essence My Sweet Escape (Thermo Effect)396.4 Essence My Sweet Escape (Thermo Effect)


Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoyed this polish as much as I did.




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