Sally Hansen Salon Effects Kitty, Kitty

Hi everyone :)

These are Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips and they’re called Kitty, Kitty.

These strips are the very best, in my opinion, I’ve tried a lot of them and this brand is my favourite.

The trick to applying these is removing the back paper and then placing the strip on the nail. Then when you’re happy with the position and have the wrinkles flatttened, you remove the top plastic layer. I find that this way you don’t tear the strips and positioning them is much easier.

I loved these ones because the strips look like they are all metallic, and they last for almost two weeks! For those of you wanting a mani to last the duration of your holidays, these are the answer.


Sally Hansen Salon Effects Kitty, Kitty.

398 Sally Hansen Salon Effects Kitty, Kitty


Have you tried nail polish strips?

Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3


2 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Salon Effects Kitty, Kitty

  1. They look great! I havent tried nail strips – I’m so clumsy i think i’d make a mess of them! Ill know which ones to go for though if I ever give it a go!


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