OPI Sprung

Hi everyone :)

This little beauty almost got away, but I threw a bag over it’s head and dragged it home! Muhahaha!

I went to TK Maxx to hunt for nail polish and just as I went to pick it up, another girl got to it first! She carried it around the shop for ages and I kept seeing her looking at it and putting it down and picking it back up, and finally she went back to the nail polish shelf and left it down and I saw it!

It looked so small and alone and rejected! So I nabbed it!

It was all worth it because she’s a beauty!

Sprung is a bronze nail polish with lots of gold glassfleck that makes it look like it’s on fire, especially in the sun. I was so happy that the other girl decided she didn’t want it. :)

This is two coats and the usual Essie Good To Go topcoat. The formula was a breeze.

OPI Sprung

404 OPI Sprung (EN)

Thanks for looking!




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