Model’s Own Gun Grey and L.A. Colors Tinsel

Hi :)

In my Christmas stocking this year I found the cutest little gift set. Model’s Own and Impulse released limited edition sets, each containing Model’s Own nail buffer, nail polish and an Impulse spray.

Now of course I love any nail polish and I needed a new buffer (score!) but I was really happy to get an Impulse spray too! Impulse are like chocolates, (try not to read that in a Forest Gump voice, I dare you!), because, (no, not because “you never know what you’re gonna git”), because there are no bad Impulse sprays.

I got the set that included the Very Pink (Roses and Grapefruit) spray and the Gun Grey polish. Of course, the spray smells lovely and you can see the polish below. However, the polish smelled terrible, in ironic contrast to the lovely spray.

It’s a black polish with multi-coloured shimmer, mostly green and purple, but you can’t make out the colours unless you hold your nails under your nose. The shimmer makes the polish look more like a dark grey and slightly metallic, hence the name!

Model’s Own Gun Grey

430.1 Model's Own Gun Grey

I really liked the polish on it’s own and had no plans to do anything to it but then I dented one nail making a cup of tea, (with chocolate biscuits, mostly I wanted the biscuits), so then I added a coat of L.A. Colors Tinsel. A very sheer peach polish with glitter.

I liked the result – it kinda looks like the sky at night, or reallly simplified Galaxy nails, do you think?

Model’s Own Gun Grey and L.A. Colors Tinsel

430.2 Model's Own Gun Grey and L.A. Colors Tinsel

The bottles:

430.4 Model's Own Gun Grey and L.A. Colors Tinsel


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3


4 thoughts on “Model’s Own Gun Grey and L.A. Colors Tinsel

  1. Such a gorgeous manicure, and you still got to enjoy your biscuits, haha :) I love the colour before the glitter but adding the glitter really gives it something special :) xx


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