IsaDora Bronze Patina

Hi :)

IsaDora Bronze Patina is a dark brown polish with tiny gold glassflecks that give it a lovely gold glint. I was very surprised that I liked this polish as much as I did. I usually don’t like brown polishes and it looked a bit dull in the bottle, but the lovely shimmer of the gold against the dark brown drew me in.

I liked the gold in the polish so much that I wanted more, so I added some gold leaf. I didn’t plan to apply it so randomly, but handling gold leaf is like trying to grasp smoke. I liked the random placement afterwards because the gold leaf was very reflective and the light would catch each finger at a different time, making typing more fun that usual. :) (If looking at your nail polish is fun, which it is!)

IsaDora Bronze Patina:

434 IsaDora Bronze Patina


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel :)


P.s. sorry for the mess around the cuticles, I switched back to Seche Vite topcoat and sometimes it will shrink the polish like this :/


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