Hard Candy Glitter Jam

Hi :)

Hard Candy Glitter Jam is a glitter jam! The name is perfect because, it’s pink glitter in a pink jelly base, so it’s a jelly sandwich in a bottle! No need to layer a jelly polish and a glitter. It’s already done for you. :)

It also has blue and a little silver glitter, which makes it more colourful and interesting. The jelly base meant that it was squishy looking and the glitter made it sparkly. It was squishy and sparkly!  Hurray! They are my two favourite kinds of polishes! In one bottle!

I loved this polish! It was a finger wiggler for sure. It had full coverage after two coats. THIS IS ONLY TWO COATS PEOPLE! :D

I also tried NYC Strip Me Off basecoat for the first time here, but I used it over my usual basecoat instead of my bare nail so I didn’t peel it off, like you’re supposed to, but removed it the usual way with nail polish remover and cotton wool.

I was really surprised at the result, as soon as the nail polish remover soaked down to the peel off basecoat the whole pile of polish came away really easily. This little discovery was a happy accident! I’m now using NYC Strip Me Off over my usual basecoat for every mani and polish removal has never been so quick and easy!

So if you want to keep using your usual treatment basecoat and have easy glitter, (or any kind of polish), removal then I’d recommend trying this and if you do, let me know how you like it. :)

Hard Candy Glitter Jam:

438 Hard Candy Glitter Jam

Thanks for looking! :)




4 thoughts on “Hard Candy Glitter Jam

  1. Aw, Hard Candy. In, like, 1995 (?) I hunted down a couple of bottles of the stuff at this SUPER fancy store that sold old lady black tie wear and they were $20 each. I like the price point much more now! I’ll have to try that base coat, too – removing mega glitters is becoming a real pain.


    • I know! They used to be so expensive and hard to find. Mammy came home with a bottle once and was so proud that she found one for me and I was disappointed because it was missing the ring! Do try the base coat! It’s totally changed my whole routine! :D

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