Barry M Rockstar

Hi :)

Today I have the most gorgeous grey nail polish ever! It’s called Barry M Rockstar and it’s a grey metallic polish with, not just holographic glitter, but iridescent glitter! So many colours! So much fun! It had a great finish in every single type of light! I wiggled my fingers all over the County with this one :)

The formula was a bit thick but when I opened my new bottle at home, I realized someone had already opened it in the shop, and gunked the whole neck. (Don’t do that!) (Do not gunk the bottle!) (Now it’s my gunky bottle and it’s your fault!). So it may have been because it was opened and not because of the formula, but I’m telling you anyway!

It was, of course, terribly, horribly, snow leopard sighting-ly difficult to capture all the types and colours of glitter but I finally joined Instagram and made a lil video to show off all the sparkles so you can watch that below!

Or just look at this pic :)


Barry M Rockstar:

448.1 Barry M Rockstar


My first video! Hurray for Instagram! :)




Paw of the Day! =.=



Thanks for looking! :D


-Eleobel <3


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