Wet n Wild Saved by the Blue

Hi :)

I can’t say enough how much I love this blue! I love this blue so much!

It’s one of those dark, glowy blues but it’s also really bright and vibrant – I couldn’t stop looking at it. Instant favourite!

It does have some bubbles in the pic, but that was my fault, the formula was amazing. I find the Wet n Wild’s I’ve tried so far have a thin, watery formula but I really like that because I find it easier to use than thicker ones. It’s a personal preference. However, the colour payoff is just as good as with a thicker formula. This is two thin coats.

Also, I love the cheesy names Wet n Wild use, they always make be smile and remind me of my younger years! Anyone else love Zach and Kelly? :)

Unf! I love this colour! :D What else is there to say!?

What do you guys think? Any blue lovers out there? :)


Wet n Wild Saved by the Blue:

347.1 Wet n Wild Saved by the Blue

What’s that cute, orange, fluffy thing in the background?

Paw of the Day! :D

347.2 POTD !

Thanks for looking! :D

-Eleobel <3


13 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Saved by the Blue

  1. Ooh, super pretty. I love those kind of polishes that glow from within. Never much of a SBTB fan, though – I used to watch it on repeats in the morning as I was getting ready for work long after it had gone off the air (although I did like the summer episodes they did one year where everyone went to work at somebody’s parent’s luxury beach spa?)


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