Hi :)

I love #NAILlinkup! I’m trying to do all of the themes this month. It’s so much fun and because you can attempt each challenge at any time during the month, it’s really relaxed. There’s no pressure! (And, ok, I’m not the worlds greatest nail artist, but it’s fun to try new ideas!)

You can read all about it on CraftyNail’s blog here.

These are April’s challenge prompts:



I’ve already posted one for Easter and Pastels and today’s nails are April Showers :)

April here is hit and miss. One day the Sun is scorching and the next day it’s pouring rain. So that’s exactly what I put on my nails. Rain clouds and rainbows! (That’s what they’re supposed to be anyway.)

#NAILlinkup April Showers:



362 #Naillinkup


Here are the polishes I used:

Grey – Essence Got a Secret

Black – Nail Art Pen

Blue – NYC Raindrop

Purple – Model’s Own Lilac Dream

Pink – Sinful Colors Pink Forever

Peach – Nails Inc You’re a Peach

Yellow – China Glaze Lemon Fizz

White – Nail Art Pen

I used this cute pink nail art brush from Penny’s to do the rainbow, and even though my lines are terrible, the brush was great! Not a bad little set for E2.50! :D

348.3 Penny's Brush Set

Click HERE to see all the April Shower nails from everyone who participated in the challenge! :)


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3



I would love to know what you think. Please leave a comment below :)

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