No7 Moon Shimmer

Hi :)

I was pleasantly surprised by this polish, it’s more complex than it first seems. I don’t even know where to begin. I spent ages staring at it in different light and peering at it up close. It was so enjoyable! I haven’t been surprised by a polish in a long time and if you like subtle polishes then you’ll love this one.

It’s a very pale grey colour with the slightest tinge of lavender. It’s so slight that I’m not even sure it’s there or if my eyes are playing tricks on me. It has flakies and glassflecks so from a distance it looks like a pale grey metallic polish.

The flakies are translucent gold so they are invisible until the light hits them, and even then they are still quite subtle because they are so thin, the gold colour is weak. It has lots of small glassflecks that are blue – this was my favourite part of the polish – and soo pretty against the pale grey.

All of this is only really apparent up close. It’s a polish to be studied and enjoyed for it’s subtleties. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you do too. :)

No7 Moon Shimmer:

437.1 No7 Moon Shimmer

Have you tried any of the No7 polishes? Are there any other colours I should try?

Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel :)

NYC Fashion Queen (Crystal Couture)

Hi :)

The NYC Crystal Couture Collection. *Sigh* It’s sooo pretty! I already posted Princess here and I thought that purple jelly with glitter was gorgeous but all polishes now pale in comparison to this gold creation.

This is not just a gold polish, not just a gold polish with gold glitter, but a gold polish with gold glitter and gold glassflecks.

So It’s not just metallic, not just sparkly but it has a foil finish! It’s shiny, sparkly and foily! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I love it so much! I want to paint my entire house with it and live like Kind Midas!

NYC Fashion Queen:

433.1 NYC Fashion Queen (Crystal Couture)

Isn’t she beautiful? *Sigh*

Thanks for looking!



L.A. Colors Animated and Broken Hearted

Hi everyone :)

L.A. Colors Animated is a lovely bright red nail polish with a little bit of shimmer. I liked it on, but of course I had to add something more!

Broken Hearted is a red jelly with lots of lovely flakies. I think they look nice together and flakies are always a hit with me.

L.A. Colors is an American brand that I’m seeing more and more of over here and, like Sinful Colors and Wet n Wild, they are very cheap and quality polishes. The range of colours and finishes for such a small price tag is unbelievable!

U.S.A! U.S.A! :)

L.A. Colors Animated and Broken Hearted

416 L.A. Colors Animated and Broken Hearted


Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel <3

Rimmel Breakfast in Bed and Catrice Glitterazzi

Hi guys :)

I grabbed Breakfast in Bed from the new Rimmel Rita Ora Collection because it reminded me of mint ice-cream, perfect for the summer! It has a white shimmer/pearl finish and I was worried I wouldn’t like it, but it’s really subtle so I was happy! I added Catrice Glitterazzi over it because I just bought it and couldn’t wait to try it out :)

Rimmel Breakfast in Bed. The formula was a tad thick and the brush left streak marks, so I used three coats and Essie Good To Go Topcoat.

357.1 Rimmel Breakfast in Bed 01

Rimmel Breakfast in Bed and Catrice Glitterazzi. The formula of the Catrice was perfect, I used one coat and another coat of Essie Good To Go.

357.2 Rimmel Breakfast in Bed and Catrice Glitterazzi 01

I then added a coat of Essie Matte About You.

357.3 Rimmel Breakfast in Bed and Catrice Glitterazzi Essie Matte About You 01

The bottles :)

357.4 Rimmel Breakfast in Bed and Catrice Glitterazzi 01

Thanks for looking :)


-Eleobel <3


Layla Ceramic Effect 52

Hi :)

This polish is easily the most beautiful polish I have ever worn! I love flakies more than any other finish, more than neon, more than glitter, more than neon glitter! This polish is a purple jelly packed with flakies. Gorgeous!

The purple jelly base is so squishy and bright. The flakies are breathtaking, they flash from bright red/orange to yellow to green, depending on the angle of the light. This is one polish you have to see in motion. (Read: you have to wiggle your fingers to see all the pretty colours :)

I found it so difficult to capture how pretty this one was on my nails, but the bottle pic captures it perfectly:

352.1 Layla CE52 01


352.6 Layla CE52 01


I loved this so much! I need the red version! :)

What do you think? Do you love flakies?


Thanks for looking! :)



Sinful Colors Nirvana and NYC Top of the Gold Topcoat

Hi Everyone :)

I go back and forth on nude polishes, they look very elegant and flattering on, but then I get a little bored with them. Sinful Colors Nirvana is a very pretty nude/brown colour and looked great, but I wanted to add something to spice it up a bit. I decided to add NYC Top of the Gold over it as an experiment and loved the result.

I’ll be honest about Top of the Gold, I only bought it because it was new. It didn’t wow me in the bottle and that’s why it’s taken me ages to try it out. However, when you put it on, it is amazing! It’s a flakie topcoat but there are teeny tiny flakies as well as regular sized ones, so that almost the whole nail is covered in gold after one coat. I really want to know what this would look like layered on it’s own.

When the sun hits the gold flakies they shine and look like real gold. I wiggled my nails the entire time I was outside. I highly recommend this topcoat. Oh! It would be awesome over black *writes mental note*.

Anyway here they are together, I hope you like them. I used two coats of Nirvana and one of Top of the gold and topped it off with Essence Gel-Look Topcoat.

229.1 Sinful Colors Nirvana and NYC Top Of The Gold Topcoat 001

Here they are in the bottle.

229.2 Sinful Colors Nirvana NYC Top Of The Gold Topcoat 001

Here’s another pic of just NYC Top of the Gold because I’m in love with it by now :)

229.3 NYC Top Of The Gold Topcoat 001

Thanks for looking! Let me know what you think :)