Sinful Colors Happy Ending and Claire’s Digi Pop

Hi Everyone :)


Today I have on my new favourite green nail polish. Sinful Colors Happy Ending is a beautiful vibrant apple green with a strong yellow shimmer. It is so pretty, it glows! I am not a fan of green polishes usually but this was a gift and one I am so happy to have.

When I picked out my polishes for this mani, I didn’t think I’d like the green polish so I also picked out the neon yellow glitter from Claire’s, called Digi Pop to layer over it. (If you havn’t been in Claire’s lately, check out their amazing new range of polishes!) I thought the yellow glitter would kind of match the yellow shimmer and cover the green and I’d end up with a cute mani.

However, I loved the green polish on it’s own and after putting the glitter over one nail, I regretted it and stopped. So I ended up with an index finger accent nail. It just goes to show, don’t judge a polish in the bottle! :p

234.2 Sinful Colors Happy Ending and Claire's Digi PopJPG

234.1 Sinful Colors Happy Ending and Clarie's Digi Pop


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3


Catrice Apropos Coco

Hi Everyone! :)

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

I have a couple of looks to show you today:

I found this gorgeous light pink nail polish from Catrice called Apropos Coco and thought it was perfect for Valentine’s Day. Of course, I had to add a little sparkle to it. So I added the little heart using Barry M Rose Quartz and the rhinestones because they matched the glitter. I thought it was a very sweet, girly mani.

205 Catrice Apropos Coco and Barry M Rose Quartz (EN)


Next, I have a purple stripe heart mani because it was requested by Margaret after I posted this Sinful Colors mani.

I wanted to make it a bit different so that I wasn’t repeating myself so I did ombre hearts.

I used, from pinkie to index, Nails Inc Duchess Street, China Glaze Creative Fantasy, Bella Pierre Lavender and Sinful Colors Beverly Hills. The white is Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace.

213.1 Nails Inc Duchess Street China Glaze Creative Fantasy Bella Pierre Lavender Sinful Colors Beverly Hills Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace

I did a dotted heart on my thumb with the same purple polishes and really liked how it turned out. (I sometimes experiment on my thumb because you never see it :)



So, instead of repeating the striped hearts on my other hand, I decided to try the dotted heart again, only in pink. I liked it again!

213.3 Model's Own Bubblegum Sinful Colors Pink Forever Model's Own Pastel Pink Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace

By now, I was confident that I could do dotted hearts and did them on my whole hand..but I think I was overly confident because they don’t look like hearts!



I love the different sized dots though – it’s like a cute colour blind test. Next time I’ll just dot the whole nail and I think that will look better.

What do you guys think of my Valentine’s nails?

I hope you’re all having a great day!

Thanks for looking :)

– Eleobel


7 Deadly Sins Tag

Hi Everyone! :)

I was tagged by gingerlovesmakeup. This tag was the 7 Deadly Sins of Make-up, but because this is a nail blog, I changed it slightly so that it’s all about nail polish! I hope you like it! :)

Greed: What is your most expensive nail polish?

My single most expensive nail polish is OPI Don’t touch my tutu and I bought it with OPI Pirouette My Whistle, so together they cost 29Euro – eek! Look how pretty they are though! :)

OPI Don't Touch My Tutu and Pirouette My Whistle (EN)

Wrath: What nail polish do you have a strong love/hate relationship with?

Believe it or not, I have a love/hate relationship with holographic nail polish. I absolutely love, LOVE, holographic nail polish, but I spend most of my time indoors and many holographics only really come alive outside. So I end up not wearing them very often. Here’s a great example of a holographic polish that works indoors as well as out: Jade Vermelho Surreal. These pics were taken inside under an ordinary bedroom light and look how pretty! :)

202.8 Jade Vermelho Surreal (EN)202.9 Jade Vermelho Surreal (EN)202.10 Jade Vermelho Surreal (EN)

Gluttony: What brand takes up most of your collection?

I had to go count them all to answer this question, and I had to recount, twice, because I can’t believe I have 70 Essence nail polishes.


Here’s one of my favourite Essence nail polishes: The Boy Next Door. (The silver accent nail is Rimmel Shooting Star, my all time favourite texture polish).

202.11 Essence The Boy Next Door and Rimmel Shooting Star (EN)

Sloth: What nail polish do you ignore the most, due to laziness?

I rarely use ridge filler because I don’t want to wait for an extra layer of nail polish to try and I mostly wear just one polish because it’s too difficult to match/accent and layer them!

Here’s an example of a lazy mani: Misa Bikini with a Martini.

202.13 Misa Bikini with a Martini (EN)

and here’s a mani that I put alot of effort into. This was copied from a design I saw on WAH nails. I used Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace (white), IsaDora Bella Vita (purple) and W7 Gold Dazzle (gold glitter on thumb).

202.14 Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace and Isadora Bella Vita (EN)202.15 W7 Gold Dazzle and Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace (EN)

Pride: Which nail polish gives you the most confidence?

Anything bright or sparkly! For example, this IsaDora Sugar Crush, which is both! :)

202.16 IsaDora Sugar Crush (EN)

Lust: What nail polish is at the top of your wish list?

Lacquistry Amazeballs. Full stop.

Envy: Which nail polish looks great on others but not on you?

Pastel purple!! I loove pastel purple, but it always looks too cold and grey on me and so bright and springy on other people. I keep buying them, hoping I’ll find one that suits me, but no luck so far. Here’s a pic of Essence Hello Marshmallow! It’s such a pretty pastel purple, on other people! :)

202.18 Essence Hello Marshmallow! (EN)

That’s all 7 sins! I hope you liked this post and looking at some of my older manis! Let me know what you think in the comments! :D

Thanks for looking!

Barry M Lychee and Sinful Colors Me First

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing a lovely nude colour – I was in the mood for something simple and clean and this is the perfect polish for that. This is Barry M Lychee which was part of the Gelly collection. Everything you may have heard about this collection is true. They have a great formula, coverage and are nice and shiny, like Gelly (or Jelly?).

After I put it on, I wanted to jazz it up a bit without covering it up too much (because I like it!) and decided to put a neon line down the middle using a Sinful Colors Striper called Me First…this is when things went all wrong!

I waited too long to remove the striping tape that I used to create the line down the middle and removed half of the line. Then I washed my hands and all the fluff from the towel stuck to the glue the tape left behind, gross! So in an attempt to save the whole mani, I drew squiggly lines down either side of the neon  with my black Wah Nails nail art pen.

I still don’t know if I saved the mani or ruined it but  wanted to share it with you anyway.

198.1 Barry M Lychee, Sinful Colours Me First Striper and Wah Nails Nail Art Pen 1

What do you think? Did I save the mani or is it ruined?

Thanks for looking! :)

Orly Passion Fruit and Barry M Liquorice

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing a really fun mani. A fab neon pink, Orly Passion Fruit, and a black and white bar glitter, Barry M Liquorice. In my pics, the neon pink looks a bit red but in real life it’s completely pink. The bar glitter has a matte, satin finish to it that is really interesting. Usually I want my glitters to sparkle as much as possible, but here I really like the shape and colour combo of the black and white.

I didn’t want to cover the neon completely, so I only added Barry M Liquorice on my middle and pinkie fingers. Then my other fingers looked a bit lonely so I glued some studs on them. :)

196.1 Orly Passion Fruit and Barry M Liquorice (EN)

Here’s a pic of the bottles, just because I think they look pretty. :)

196.2 Orly Passion Fruit and Barry M Liquorice (EN)

I hope you liked this mani. Thanks for looking! :)