Barry M Prickly Pear, Essence Cinderella The Glass Slipper and pastel studs

Hi :)

One of the free samples Bornprettystore sent me was this fab little pot of different size studs. The colours are so pretty, they’re a mix of neon and pastel. I thought when I saw them on the website that they were all neon, but when I got them and saw that half of them were pastel, I knew I had to do a look for the #NAILLINKUP. (Click the image to go to CraftyNail’s website where you can find out more :)


I used Barry M Prickly Pear, one of the Gelly polishes, and the new Essence Cinderella glitter topper called The Glass Slipper.

The Essence is jam packed with pink/purple glassfleck and silver glitter and it’s soo freakin pretty. In the bottle the polish looks green too but that doesn’t show up on the nail.

Then I added a few of the pastel pink studs at the cuticle. I love adding one stud to the top of the nail, it’s so simple but completely changes the entire look.

Barry M Prickly Pear, Essence The Glass Slipper (Cinderella) and Bornprettystore studs:

354.1 Barry M Prickly Pear, Essence The Glass Slipper and BPS Studs


The bottles and some of the studs:


354.2 Barry M Prickly Pear, Essence The Glass Slipper and BPS Studs


When you look into the bottle you can see this green light, it’s so pretty :)


354.3 Essence The Glass Slipper


If you’re going to order anything from Bornprettystore then you can use this code to get 10% off :)









Thanks for looking! Have a Happy Easter :)

-Eleobel <3



Barry M Rockstar

Hi :)

Today I have the most gorgeous grey nail polish ever! It’s called Barry M Rockstar and it’s a grey metallic polish with, not just holographic glitter, but iridescent glitter! So many colours! So much fun! It had a great finish in every single type of light! I wiggled my fingers all over the County with this one :)

The formula was a bit thick but when I opened my new bottle at home, I realized someone had already opened it in the shop, and gunked the whole neck. (Don’t do that!) (Do not gunk the bottle!) (Now it’s my gunky bottle and it’s your fault!). So it may have been because it was opened and not because of the formula, but I’m telling you anyway!

It was, of course, terribly, horribly, snow leopard sighting-ly difficult to capture all the types and colours of glitter but I finally joined Instagram and made a lil video to show off all the sparkles so you can watch that below!

Or just look at this pic :)


Barry M Rockstar:

448.1 Barry M Rockstar


My first video! Hurray for Instagram! :)




Paw of the Day! =.=



Thanks for looking! :D


-Eleobel <3

Revlon Gold Coin and Barry M Starlight

Hi :)

Sparkles! I love sparkles! I’m a fully grown woman and I love sparkles and that is why this topcoat is absolute heaven for me.

This mani is two coats of Revlon Gold Coin, a really magnificent metallic gold that has replaced Orly Luxe as the best gold nail polish on record! It has a perfect formula; it’s streak free and applies like…well..liquid gold! It’s so utterly reflective that I want to paint it on everything! King Midas would paint his nails with this polish.

On top of that I applied one, ONE, one single coat of Barry M Starlight. It’s so jam packed full of glitter that I had to put some back into the bottle! Madness! It’s the most holographic, colourful, sparkliest, glitteriest nail polish EVER! I squeeled out loud when I put this on. (Again, I swear, I’m grown).

Starlight is a Christmas limited edition, Boots exclusive, nail polish and of all of the recommendations I’ve ever given, this is number one! If you see this GRAB IT! Grab it and run and don’t look back!*

Revlon Gold Coin and Barry M Starlight

420.2 Revlon Gold Coin and Barry M Starlight

The bottles:

420.3 Revlon Gold Coin and Barry M Starlight

Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel :)


*Disclaimer: Don’t grab it and run, this is thievery!

NYC Jam and Nap and Barry M Pink Sapphire

Hi everyone :)

Jam and Nap is a lovely creme lavender colour from NYC. It’s a little too dark to be pastel but too light to be called purple. NYC is another great low priced brand that always delivers great colours and formulas. This applied like butta :)

Of course I added glitter! This is one layer of Barry M Pink Sapphire, which is a pink hex and holo bar glitter mix. I loved it!

NYC Jam and Nap and Barry M Pink Sapphire

402 NYC Jam & Nap and Barry M Pink Sapphire

Thanks for looking :)


– Eleobel  <3

Pretty Concrete Effect and Barry M Diamond Glitter

Hi Everyone :)

I was in Dealz last week and decided to try some of their nail polish. Dealz is the Irish version of Poundland and they have some great nail polishes all priced at e1.49. I was hesitant to try them because I’ve tried Penny’s, (the Irish version of Primark), nail polishes and they were lovely on but stank to high heaven! The smell would knock you out!

The polishes in Dealz look really nice too, and they are cheap, so I bought a couple. I’m not sorry I did because I really love how they look but, they do really smell! You’ve been warned!

Here’s the Pretty Concrete Effect on it’s own, no topcoat. It’s a green/teal matte polish with silver glitter through it.

230.1 Pretty Concrete Effect 001


Again, I was really happy with this. It had a great formula, great colour and was complete matte when dry. All for e1.49. The smell did fade quite a bit when the polish dried, but I’m just saying, paint your nails with the window open with this one. :)

Then I added two coats of Barry M Diamond Glitter. This is a silver holographic glitter in a clear base. This pic was taken in the shade to show off the holographic effect, so the colour looks a bit darker here.

230.2 Pretty Concrete Effect and Barry m Diamond Glitter 001


and finally, a pic of the bottles :)

230.3 Pretty Concrete Effect and Barry M Diamond Glitter 001


Have you tried any Pretty nail polishes? Did you like them?

Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel :)

The New Black Pink Flamingo

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing a lovely pastel pink from The New Black, called Pink Flamingo. The New Black do amazing little box sets and I’ve wanted to try them for ages but they are a little bit expensive for my budget. So when I recently saw a bunch of them in the discount bin, I pounced!

This particular polish comes with a mini lip gloss in the same colour. I thought this was a really cute idea regardless of the quality but I was pleasantly surprised at the great quality of the lip gloss and the polish. The lip gloss is a sheer pink colour with a tiny bit of shimmer, really girly and pretty – I almost like it more than the polish! It has a slight minty scent but no taste or sticky feeling. The perfect lip gloss in my book!

I was really happy with the polish too because I love pastel pink on nails but I always find that it clashes with my warm skintone and the colour doesn’t really pop. This one, I thought, was really flattering and didn’t look washed out against my skin.

In summary, the size of the gloss and polish are small but the quality of both is excellent. It was definitely worth the discounted price I paid but I would absolutely buy more The New Black at full price. I highly recommend trying them if you haven’t already. :)

227.1 The New Black Pink Flamingo Barry M Rose Quartz (EN)

Oh! P.s. The accent nail is Barry M Rose Quartz and is a medium pink/rose gold glitter and small silver/holographic glitter. The picture below is not colour accurate (or flattering) but I took it in direct sun to show off the holographic glitter.

227.2 The New Black Pink Flamingo Barry M Rose Quartz (EN)


Hope you liked my pink on pink nails!

Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel <3


Catrice Apropos Coco

Hi Everyone! :)

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

I have a couple of looks to show you today:

I found this gorgeous light pink nail polish from Catrice called Apropos Coco and thought it was perfect for Valentine’s Day. Of course, I had to add a little sparkle to it. So I added the little heart using Barry M Rose Quartz and the rhinestones because they matched the glitter. I thought it was a very sweet, girly mani.

205 Catrice Apropos Coco and Barry M Rose Quartz (EN)


Next, I have a purple stripe heart mani because it was requested by Margaret after I posted this Sinful Colors mani.

I wanted to make it a bit different so that I wasn’t repeating myself so I did ombre hearts.

I used, from pinkie to index, Nails Inc Duchess Street, China Glaze Creative Fantasy, Bella Pierre Lavender and Sinful Colors Beverly Hills. The white is Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace.

213.1 Nails Inc Duchess Street China Glaze Creative Fantasy Bella Pierre Lavender Sinful Colors Beverly Hills Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace

I did a dotted heart on my thumb with the same purple polishes and really liked how it turned out. (I sometimes experiment on my thumb because you never see it :)



So, instead of repeating the striped hearts on my other hand, I decided to try the dotted heart again, only in pink. I liked it again!

213.3 Model's Own Bubblegum Sinful Colors Pink Forever Model's Own Pastel Pink Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace

By now, I was confident that I could do dotted hearts and did them on my whole hand..but I think I was overly confident because they don’t look like hearts!



I love the different sized dots though – it’s like a cute colour blind test. Next time I’ll just dot the whole nail and I think that will look better.

What do you guys think of my Valentine’s nails?

I hope you’re all having a great day!

Thanks for looking :)

– Eleobel


Barry M Countess

Hi Everyone! :)

I have another Barry M texture polish! Yay! I absolutely loved Lady and Princess and wanted to try this too and it does not disappoint! I think I may end up with all of this collection, eventually! Well done Barry M! :)

In my opinion, this is a brown polish with gold and purple flecks. It is so sparkly in real life but it’s difficult to capture all of the sparkles in one picture. The purple flecks also hid on me when I took out my camera, so this is one of those polishes that really looks better in real life.

202.1 Barry m Countess rs wm


This pic of the bottle is colour accurate. You can see Barry M were generous with the gold flecks and you can see the purple flecks on the bottom half of the bottle. :)

202.5 Barry M Countess rs wm


What do you guys think of this texture?

Thanks for looking! :)

Barry M Lychee and Sinful Colors Me First

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing a lovely nude colour – I was in the mood for something simple and clean and this is the perfect polish for that. This is Barry M Lychee which was part of the Gelly collection. Everything you may have heard about this collection is true. They have a great formula, coverage and are nice and shiny, like Gelly (or Jelly?).

After I put it on, I wanted to jazz it up a bit without covering it up too much (because I like it!) and decided to put a neon line down the middle using a Sinful Colors Striper called Me First…this is when things went all wrong!

I waited too long to remove the striping tape that I used to create the line down the middle and removed half of the line. Then I washed my hands and all the fluff from the towel stuck to the glue the tape left behind, gross! So in an attempt to save the whole mani, I drew squiggly lines down either side of the neon  with my black Wah Nails nail art pen.

I still don’t know if I saved the mani or ruined it but  wanted to share it with you anyway.

198.1 Barry M Lychee, Sinful Colours Me First Striper and Wah Nails Nail Art Pen 1

What do you think? Did I save the mani or is it ruined?

Thanks for looking! :)