Binky London Purple Shimmer

Hi :)

My apologies for the lack of posts the last few weeks. I’m having internet issues and today I accidentally poured water all over my laptop charger, it snapped, crackled and popped, all the way to the graveyard! My magnificent brother gave me his laptop to use, but all of my photos are on my dead laptop. I hope to have a new charger soon, and in the meantime I’ll post as often as I can. :)

I posted this beautiful pink texture polish from Binky London last month, and I loved it so much my wonderful Mother went back and bought me the purple version, (She’s the only Mother that gives gifts on Mother’s day! Thanks for the chocolates too Mam!), called Purple Shimmer. It has the same great finish and formula as the pink one.  I am still very much in love with this brand. It’s totally changed my mind about celebrity brands. I won’t be so hesitant to try them in the future. (I’m looking at you Kardashian Kollection.)

However, it’s a 99.9% dupe for Rimmel Moon Walking, which I posted here. :( The only slight difference is that the purple base is richer than the Rimmel, which fades a bit as it dries.

It’s still a great polish and I can’t complain about having two beautiful purple textures :)


Here’s Binky London Purple Shimmer:

and here’s Rimmel Moon Walking to compare:

What do you guys think?

Thanks for looking! :)



Binky London Pink Crystal

Hi :)

Do you guys watch Made in Chelsea? You know Binky? Well she has her own cosmetics line! I only know about it because when MiC started first, I followed her on YouTube where she does make up tutorials, and she mentioned the launch of her first collection of petrol, (duochrome), nail polishes. I never saw any of her products here in Ireland..until now!

I picked up this gorgeous pink glitter nail polish and was surprised to find out it was a texture! She’s up to date with the trends, is Binky! To be honest I wasn’t expecting much but then I tried it and I was really surprised by how great the quality was; and it was only 4 euro. A very reasonable price for any brand.

It gave complete coverage in one coat, (although I used two here), and the colour and texture effect were really pretty! Well done Binks! Great products at a great price. Who knew she had such good business sense? I’ll definitely be trying out more of her stuff.

I added round holo glitter from Essence to the moons, just for some extra pizzazz, because if glitter is good then more glitter is better! :)

Binky London Pink Crystal:



445.1 Binky London Pink Crystal

Binky London Pink Crystal (with topcoat):


445.2 Binky London Pink Crystal


Have you seen or tried any of the Binky cosmetics? What do you think of them?


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3


(P.s. Booooooo Spencer!)