Claire’s Splatter Pink

Hi everyone :)

Today I have on a neon pink jelly polish that has black and white glitter in it. I really loved this polish when I saw it in Claire’s but when I picked it up to use it yesterday, the bottom of the bottle was yellow. I’m not sure what happened but the overall polish took on a slight yellow tint which really annoyed me.

Although I love the new range of polishes in Claire’s and they are reasonable priced, they are more expensive than Essence or Catrice and regardless of the price, I don’t expect polishes to change colour. I’m hoping this was a one time bad formula and the other polishes I bought will stand the test of time but this, along with a rude check out girl, has meant that I haven’t been back to buy any more from them.

Here’s a link to the other Claire’s glitter that I already showed you, Digi Pop.

Claire’s Splatter Pink. Three coats and a coat of Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Gel Effect Top Coat.

250 Claire's Splatter Pink 01


Do you guys have any Claire’s nail polishes? What are they like?


Thanks for looking :)




Orly Passion Fruit and Barry M Liquorice

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing a really fun mani. A fab neon pink, Orly Passion Fruit, and a black and white bar glitter, Barry M Liquorice. In my pics, the neon pink looks a bit red but in real life it’s completely pink. The bar glitter has a matte, satin finish to it that is really interesting. Usually I want my glitters to sparkle as much as possible, but here I really like the shape and colour combo of the black and white.

I didn’t want to cover the neon completely, so I only added Barry M Liquorice on my middle and pinkie fingers. Then my other fingers looked a bit lonely so I glued some studs on them. :)

196.1 Orly Passion Fruit and Barry M Liquorice (EN)

Here’s a pic of the bottles, just because I think they look pretty. :)

196.2 Orly Passion Fruit and Barry M Liquorice (EN)

I hope you liked this mani. Thanks for looking! :)