Essence Who is Mr Brown? and Gold Foil

Happy Easter!

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend, we got some sun here finally and it was so nice. :)

I was trying to think of an Easter themed mani all weekend because I’m trying to follow the prompts on the #NAILLINKUP, (and because it’s Easter :P),



but I couldn’t think of anything! Then, yesterday, I was eating my chocolate Easter egg and playing with the gold foil and thinking how nice the foil would be on my nails and I realised I have nail foil! So at the last minute I had this idea to do chocolate colored nails and then put some gold nail foil over it :)

Nail foils are so pretty but they are temporary because they either go dull, wrinkle or just wear away almost immediately. I took these pics straight after I put on the foil but they were wrinkled about an hour later and had half of my jumper stuck to them by dinner time. (Because of the glue you use to adhere the foil to your nails – it’s very sticky! :)

Anyway! Here are my Easter nails a.k.a. a gold foil covered chocolate Easter egg!

Essence Who is Mr Brown?


Essence Who is Mr Brown under Rio Professional Gold Nail Foil:


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Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel <3

IsaDora Bronze Patina

Hi :)

IsaDora Bronze Patina is a dark brown polish with tiny gold glassflecks that give it a lovely gold glint. I was very surprised that I liked this polish as much as I did. I usually don’t like brown polishes and it looked a bit dull in the bottle, but the lovely shimmer of the gold against the dark brown drew me in.

I liked the gold in the polish so much that I wanted more, so I added some gold leaf. I didn’t plan to apply it so randomly, but handling gold leaf is like trying to grasp smoke. I liked the random placement afterwards because the gold leaf was very reflective and the light would catch each finger at a different time, making typing more fun that usual. :) (If looking at your nail polish is fun, which it is!)

IsaDora Bronze Patina:

434 IsaDora Bronze Patina


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel :)


P.s. sorry for the mess around the cuticles, I switched back to Seche Vite topcoat and sometimes it will shrink the polish like this :/

Sinful Colors Nirvana and NYC Top of the Gold Topcoat

Hi Everyone :)

I go back and forth on nude polishes, they look very elegant and flattering on, but then I get a little bored with them. Sinful Colors Nirvana is a very pretty nude/brown colour and looked great, but I wanted to add something to spice it up a bit. I decided to add NYC Top of the Gold over it as an experiment and loved the result.

I’ll be honest about Top of the Gold, I only bought it because it was new. It didn’t wow me in the bottle and that’s why it’s taken me ages to try it out. However, when you put it on, it is amazing! It’s a flakie topcoat but there are teeny tiny flakies as well as regular sized ones, so that almost the whole nail is covered in gold after one coat. I really want to know what this would look like layered on it’s own.

When the sun hits the gold flakies they shine and look like real gold. I wiggled my nails the entire time I was outside. I highly recommend this topcoat. Oh! It would be awesome over black *writes mental note*.

Anyway here they are together, I hope you like them. I used two coats of Nirvana and one of Top of the gold and topped it off with Essence Gel-Look Topcoat.

229.1 Sinful Colors Nirvana and NYC Top Of The Gold Topcoat 001

Here they are in the bottle.

229.2 Sinful Colors Nirvana NYC Top Of The Gold Topcoat 001

Here’s another pic of just NYC Top of the Gold because I’m in love with it by now :)

229.3 NYC Top Of The Gold Topcoat 001

Thanks for looking! Let me know what you think :)




Barry M Countess

Hi Everyone! :)

I have another Barry M texture polish! Yay! I absolutely loved Lady and Princess and wanted to try this too and it does not disappoint! I think I may end up with all of this collection, eventually! Well done Barry M! :)

In my opinion, this is a brown polish with gold and purple flecks. It is so sparkly in real life but it’s difficult to capture all of the sparkles in one picture. The purple flecks also hid on me when I took out my camera, so this is one of those polishes that really looks better in real life.

202.1 Barry m Countess rs wm


This pic of the bottle is colour accurate. You can see Barry M were generous with the gold flecks and you can see the purple flecks on the bottom half of the bottle. :)

202.5 Barry M Countess rs wm


What do you guys think of this texture?

Thanks for looking! :)