Wet N Wild Under Your Spell

Hi :)

I wanted to do an Anti-Valentines day mani for all us single girls, who may or may not, get really bloody annoyed at seeing pink love hearts everywhere! Everywhere! :)

I thought this polish would be perfect. It’s a sheer black polish with lots of dark red, almost burgundy, shimmer. It gives full coverage after three coats, which is what I used. Even the name is perfect! :)

Wet n Wild Under Your Spell:

444.1 Wet n Wild Under Your Spell

Then I used my No.2 Born Pretty Store brush, (that I reviewed here), to make a negative space heart. (For the empty heart shaped hole where love should live but it doesn’t! It’s empty!) (Bitter? Moi?)

444.2 Wet n Wild Under Your Spell

I was reluctant to try negative space manis because I can’t bear the thought of having naked nails, even partially naked! I added topcoat just to have some polish over the heart, I know it’s weird. I’m a nail NeverNude.

So I panicked and used the dotting tool on the bottom of the brush to put glitter inside the heart. (The way I put chocolate in my real heart, to fill the gap.) (Emotional eater? Moi?)

Wet n Wild Under Your Spell and Catrice The Huntsman:

444.3 Wet n Wild Under Your Spell and Catrice The Hunstman


At this stage the girly, sparkly side of me came flooding out when I filled the little heart with glitter and I put glitter on everything! (There’s a metaphor in there somewhere..)

444.4 Wet n Wild Under Your Spell and Catrice The Hunstman

So there’s my confused mani! It doesn’t know whether it’s a sparkly Valentine’s day mani or a dark, empty Anti-Valentine’s day mani.

#Conflicted #NeverNude

Which look are you going to wear for the big day? :D

Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3


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Catrice I’m so aNude and H+M Jo is in the House

Hi everyone :)

The pale pink is the Catrice and the silver/holo glitter is the H+M polish. (The best silver/holo polish ever!)

I used two coats of each polish and the formulas of both were great. I’ve never had a complaint about a Catrice polish, they are amazing, especially when you look at the pricetag.

This pale pink had a delicate white glassfleck that made it slightly prettier than Apropos Coco and so of course I had to try it!

I used my middle finger as the accent because I dented the polish on that finger and glitter is a great way to hide all kinds of polish sins :)

Catrice Apropos Coco and H+M Jo is in the House.

369.1 Catrice Apropos Coco and H+M Jo Is In The House EN 369.2 Catrice Apropos Coco and H+M Jo is in the House EN


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

Catrice Shooting Star (Crushed Crystals)

Hi guys :)

Shooting Star is a HOT pink texture polish with a lovely pink glassfleck finish that sparkles alot! The formula is perfect and the wear time is amazing. Like the other two polishes, it’s much prettier on, than in the bottle. I’ll confess that I’m not a big lover of pink polish but this one totally won me over, I felt like a total girly girl wearing it. :)

I absolutely love the Catrice Crushed Crystals collection. I’ve already posted PLUMdog Millionaire and Royal Redding, both of which, I was hugely impressed with. Royal Redding, in particular, is one of my all time favourite nail polishes. These were my top two picks when the collection was released and since they were so beautiful, I also bought this one. (I think I’ll have to try them all now…)

Catrice Shooting Star, two coats and no topcoat.

358.1 Catrice Shooting Star 01

358.2 Catrice Shooting Star 01


Thanks for looking :)



Rimmel Breakfast in Bed and Catrice Glitterazzi

Hi guys :)

I grabbed Breakfast in Bed from the new Rimmel Rita Ora Collection because it reminded me of mint ice-cream, perfect for the summer! It has a white shimmer/pearl finish and I was worried I wouldn’t like it, but it’s really subtle so I was happy! I added Catrice Glitterazzi over it because I just bought it and couldn’t wait to try it out :)

Rimmel Breakfast in Bed. The formula was a tad thick and the brush left streak marks, so I used three coats and Essie Good To Go Topcoat.

357.1 Rimmel Breakfast in Bed 01

Rimmel Breakfast in Bed and Catrice Glitterazzi. The formula of the Catrice was perfect, I used one coat and another coat of Essie Good To Go.

357.2 Rimmel Breakfast in Bed and Catrice Glitterazzi 01

I then added a coat of Essie Matte About You.

357.3 Rimmel Breakfast in Bed and Catrice Glitterazzi Essie Matte About You 01

The bottles :)

357.4 Rimmel Breakfast in Bed and Catrice Glitterazzi 01

Thanks for looking :)


-Eleobel <3


Catrice Berry Potter and Plumbledore

Hi :)

This Catrice is a beautiful purple plum colour with a strong blue flash. The flash can look almost green in strong natural light but is blue in artificial light. I loooved this colour. I wore this for a week straight! My pictures don’t do this beauty justice.

My hat is off to you Catrice!

This is two coats of perfect formula with one coat of Essie Good To Go over it.

Catrice Berry Potter and Plumbledore

356.1 Catrice Berry Potter and Plumbledore


It’s easier to see the beautiful purple base and blue flash in the bottle.


356.2 Catrice Berry Potter and Plumbledore


Thanks for looking :)



Catrice No Snow Petrol and Claire’s Little Peacock

Hi :)

This green Catrice has a pretty blue shimmer throughout. In general, the shimmer in Catrice’s can look great in the bottle and all but disappear on the nail, but this one doesn’t. I was so happy that it didn’t disappear! It looked so pretty and unusual. (Kath and Kim voice “It’s nooice, it’s nooice, it’s unuussuuall”). It was a very flattering shade of green too, so overall I was very happy with this purchase.

The Claire’s is a holographic silver glitter in a sheer pale green base and it was pretty over the Catrice but nothing special. It did just ended up looking like a glitter in a clear base over the green, so next time I think I’ll wear it alone and see if I like it better that way. Thankfully there were no formula problems, (like I had with Claire’s Pink Splatter), but I just wasn’t blown away by it. What do you think of it?


Catrice No Snow Petrol (two coats).

354.1 Catrice No Snow Petrol


Claire’s Little Peacock (one coat) over Catrice No Snow Petrol

354.2 Catrice No Snow Petrol and Claires Little Peacock

A bottle pic because I wanted to show the lovely blue shimmer in No Snow Petrol :)

354.3 Catrice No Snow Petrol and Claire's Little Peacock


Thanks for looking :)


-Eleobel <3

Catrice PLUMdog Millionaire (Crushed Crystals)






Hi everyone :)

Today I’m wearing another texture, but I swear it’s the last one! (For now). I didn’t really like textures at first, but then those crafty nail polish companies started loading them with glitter, and the next thing I knew, I had loads of them!

I started wearing them one after another, because they are really easy to apply and quick to dry. The overall mani takes less time too, because I skip topcoat. (Texture polishes are meant to be worn without topcoat but the glittery ones can be fab with topcoat).

This one is a lovely purple colour with lots of different coloured glassflecks. Unfortunately, my pics of the polish are darker than in real life and although the pic of the bottle is more colour accurate, I didn’t capture the colour of the glassfleck. With this polish you’ll just have to see it yourself in person to see how lovely and colourful it is. Sorry!


Catrice PLUMdog Millionaire

248.1 Catrice Crushed Crystals PLUMdog Millionaire


The purple in the bottle pic is the colour of the polish in real life and although you can see the glassfleck, the colour of it wasn’t picked up by my camera.

248.2 Catrice Crushed Crystals PLUMdog Millionaire Bottle


Sorry for the not so great pics, I tried! :)

Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3




Catrice Miami pINK and H+M Rooftop Party :)


Hi Everyone! :)

Today I’m wearing Catrice Miami pINK, a pink polish with lots of shimmering glassfleck and H+M Rooftop Party, a pretty silver and pink glitter.

The bright pink colour of the Catrice was really girly and I love glassfleck because it adds a bit of sparkle but is more subtle than glitter. However, I decided to go super girly and sparkly with this mani and added the pink and silver glitter. The two polishes weren’t a perfect match but it was a really girly and fun mani. Objective achieved! :)

This is only my second H+M polish but I love them so far. Here’s a link to the other one, Jo Is In The House.

P.s. Did anyone else watch every episode of Miami Ink? :)

Catrice Miami pINK and H+M Rooftop Party

241.1 Catrice Miani pINK and H+M Rooftop Party (EN)

Here are the bottles so you can see the H+M glitter better. The Catrice isn’t as bright in real life as it is here.

241.2 Catrice miani pINK and H+M Rooftop Party (EN)


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

Catrice Royal Redding (Crushed Crystals)

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing Catrice Royal Redding, one of the new Crushed Crystals. It’s a red texture polish with red glitter in it.

I love this polish like I havn’t loved one in a long time, it really took me by surprise. The colour was so rich and flattering, it’s that perfect red that’s not too bright or too dark and the glitter was so sparkly! I love red glitter anyway but the sparkle against the matte texture was soo pretty. I just fell in love with this one.

Then I added a couple of coats of Essence Gel Look Topcoat and it was even better! The red colour really came through when it was shiny and the glitter realllly sparkled. This is an instant top ten polish for me.

(This picture was taken soon after application so it’s not completely dry here, that’s why it looks a little wet/shiny. It does dry completely matte.)


236.00 Catrice Royal Redding

Here it is with two coats of Essence Gel Look Topcoat. It’s amazing! I love it. I never wanted to take it off.

236.01 Catrice Royal Redding


What do you think? Do you like it as much as I did?


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

Deborah Lippmann Fashion

Hi Everyone!

Last Sunday night the Oscars aired and I finally got to see it yesterday. I’ve always paid attention to what everyone had on their nails, because nails are my favourite part, but in recent years it’s become alot easier to see them because of the Mani-Cam.

This year I thought there was a big trend for pale, sheer nude nails. I like this trend because it’s simple, clean and girly. My favourite Mani-Cam nails were Amy Adams nude nails. The colour suited her and she had rounded nails which are very natural looking and on trend.

Also featured on the Mani-Cam were Lupita Nyong’o and Jessica Biel, both had nude nails. Kristin Chenoweth was on the mani cam too and had long stiletto nude nails that had a fun gold glitter gradient at the tips, which I loved. I can’t resist adding a bit of sparkle to my own nails :)

To see the Mani-Cam, and the nails I just mentioned, in action click here.

My tribute to the Oscar 2014 nude nails is Deborah Lippman Fashion. Although the nude nails of the night were pinker and sheer, I’ve been dying to try out this polish since I bought it and although the colour isn’t exactally what was used on the night, the brand is very fitting because Deborah Lippman did the nails for  Lupita Nyong’o and her work can often be seen on the runway. It’s only fitting that I chose one of her polishes. :)

Here it is alone:

225.1 Deborah Lippmann Fashion

I had to add some glitter a la Kristen Chenowith. (I agree with Julia Roberts that the Oscars is a place for classic Hollywood glamour and not nail art, but nail art is so fun!) I used Catrice Million Dollar Baby and simply started painting half way down the nail to get this effect.

225.2 Deborah Lippmann Fashion and Catrice Million Dollar Baby

What did you guys think of this years Oscar nails? Do you prefer when the stars go classic  like Giuliana Rancic or when they wear nail art like Maria Menounos?

Thanks for looking!


P.s. When I was googling pics of Oscar nails, I came across this great list of the eight best nail looks on Julep.com. They’re second fav nail look was Kristen Chenowith’s – the nails that inspired today’s mani! Of course then I started looking at their nail polishes – so many great colours! My wish list just got a bit longer! :)