Ciate Ferris Wheel and Caviar Pearls Frost Yourself

Hi everyone!

My posts have been few and far between and I’m really sorry. I hope you’re still out there and sticking with me! :)

This is a mani from last July! (Ok, seriously, I’m way behind on my posts! I’ll catch up though! I swear!)

This is my third free mini Ciate nail polish/Caviar Pearl set.

If you’d like to see the first two then click here.

This set was free with the July issue of Marie Claire and the polish is a very pretty and surprisingly flattering pale blue. (I usually have to avoid this colour because people start checking my vitals). The pearls were the stand out here though, they were royal blue, silver and iridescent pearls and they were soo pretty. Especially when the iridescent pearls caught the light.

The background is black because my cat would not move! :)

Ciate Ferris Wheel and Caviar Pearls Frost Yourself

366 Ciate Ferris Wheel and Caviar Pearls Frost Yourself


Thanks for looking! <3


– Eleobel

Ciate Kiss Chase and Ciate Cookies and Cream

Hi guys! :D

With the July issue of Marie Claire, they gave away free mini Ciate caviar beads/nail polish sets and I bought the pink one! I like Ciate nail polish but I can’t support a company that treats nail bloggers sooo poorly. (You’ll have to Google it for the full story).

So I can’t buy the polishes because I have to stick with my blogger girls and, ya know, morals.


They gave these sets away free so I’m not supporting the company…technically….well…look pretty nails!

*Preforms a nail wiggling dance to distract you from the moral greyness*

I decided at the last minute to ditch the caviar beads, because my cat ends up eating them all from the floor where they eventually end up, and instead went for a Pinterest style mani a.k.a. a pretty polish with a blingy accent :)

I used two coats of Ciate Kiss Chase, a very pretty shade of pink with a great formula and then painted my ring finger with Rimmel Precious Metal but the silver polish wasn’t as shiny as Nails Inc South Kensington so I added some no name holographic/silver glitter over it.

Ciate Kiss Chase

362.1 Ciate Kiss Chase (free with marie claire july)and Rimmel Precious Metal and Glitter


This wasn’t my first free mini Ciate nail polish/caviar bead set; here’s one I prepared earlier!

This is Ciate Cookies and Cream and the Caviar beadsĀ are called Shooting Star. (This is a June 2012 mani from my archives ((Archives is my fancy term for flickr)) and also my favourite nude polish evvvaaar! :)

129 Ciate Cookies and Cream and Caviar Pearls Shooting Star


Thanks for looking! Hope you like these manis :)


-Eleobel <3