Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Sour Apple and Cherry Drop


Hi Everyone!

Today I have two really nice textures (or Sugar Coats) to show you. The first is a lovely pistachio ice cream colour, called Sour Apple and the second is a lovely bright orange red colour, called Cherry Drop.

I came across these polishes in Dealz (Poundland) and remembered when they came out, they were among the first textures. At the time, I thought they were so cool looking and original, but thought they were only in America so I was delighted to find them here.

They are the original nail-polish-with-sand-mixed-in type textures and although textures have evolved into lovely glittery matte creations, I really liked the simplicity of these polishes. They are lovely colours, which is the first thing I want in a polish, and they are great quality like all Sally Hansen products. I really enjoyed them and will wear them again, especially the red one because the colour is so lovely and bright.

If you want to try a texture and you’re not sure about them, these polishes would be a great first buy.


Sally Hansen Sour Apple

246.1 Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Sour Apple


Sally Hansen Cherry Drop

246.2 Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Cherry Drop



246.3 Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Cherry Drop Bottle


My little kitty’s pretty feet! She loves to stand where I’m taking pictures! :)



246.4 POTD Damson



What do you think of these textures?


Thanks for looking :)


-Eleobel <3