Filthy Gorgeous Pulp and Claire’s Velour

Hi everyone!

These Filthy Gorgeous polishes are quite expensive so when I saw them in the Poundshop I had to grab one. I choose Pulp because it was a rich, dark purple that I thought would look quite classy and vampy but instead it was a bit dull.

So then I added a coat of Velour, which is a purple glitter with lots of teeny tiny holographic glitter, and this was much more to my liking!

If all else fails, throw glitter at it! :)


Filthy Gorgeous Pulp and Claire’s Velour

394.1 FIlthy Gorgeous Pulp and Claire's Velour


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3


P.S. Love… (No Name) and Claire’s Dizzy


Hi Everyone :)

Today I have a really bright and really cheap mani! My favourite kind!

The purple polish is from Penny’s/Primark and I love these polishes because they have the brightest colours but they do smell. They smell of chemicals but I can’t resist a good neon polish, especially a purple one. I also can’t resist a bargain!

The purple neons are never really neon. (Am I right? If you have a neon purple polish please tell me!) This one is very bright but still not neon. It’s way brighter than my next brightest purple polish but I’m still on the hunt for a highlighter neon purple.

The glitter from Claire’s was also a bargain, I loved the bright mix of neon matte glitter which was all over the indie polish sites during the summer. As I’m a polish addict on a budget, I rescued this one from the bargain bin and was really happy to finally have a neon glitter! (Even though I still want the Indie original!).

The formulas of both were not great. Both a little thick and hard to manage and chemically. I’m sure they won’t last well, they will probably be a gloopy, discoloured mess by next summer but that’s the price (you don’t) pay when you buy cheap products.

It’s a constant argument in my head, to buy good quality ¬†and be able to use it over and over or cheap and have to probably bin it. What do you guys think? Do you buy all high end polishes or all cheap or a mix?

I used Essie Good To Go Topcoat.


P.S. Love… No Name and Claire’s Dizzy

365 P.S. Love... No Name and Claire's Dizzy


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-Eleobel <3

Catrice No Snow Petrol and Claire’s Little Peacock

Hi :)

This green Catrice has a pretty blue shimmer throughout. In general, the shimmer in Catrice’s can look great in the bottle and all but disappear on the nail, but this one doesn’t. I was so happy that it didn’t disappear! It looked so pretty and unusual. (Kath and Kim voice “It’s nooice, it’s nooice, it’s unuussuuall”). It was a very flattering shade of green too, so overall I was very happy with this purchase.

The Claire’s is a holographic silver glitter in a sheer pale green base and it was pretty over the Catrice but nothing special. It did just ended up looking like a glitter in a clear base over the green, so next time I think I’ll wear it alone and see if I like it better that way. Thankfully there were no formula problems, (like I had with Claire’s Pink Splatter), but I just wasn’t blown away by it. What do you think of it?


Catrice No Snow Petrol (two coats).

354.1 Catrice No Snow Petrol


Claire’s Little Peacock (one coat) over Catrice No Snow Petrol

354.2 Catrice No Snow Petrol and Claires Little Peacock

A bottle pic because I wanted to show the lovely blue shimmer in No Snow Petrol :)

354.3 Catrice No Snow Petrol and Claire's Little Peacock


Thanks for looking :)


-Eleobel <3

Claire’s Splatter Pink

Hi everyone :)

Today I have on a neon pink jelly polish that has black and white glitter in it. I really loved this polish when I saw it in Claire’s but when I picked it up to use it yesterday, the bottom of the bottle was yellow. I’m not sure what happened but the overall polish took on a slight yellow tint which really annoyed me.

Although I love the new range of polishes in Claire’s and they are reasonable priced, they are more expensive than Essence or Catrice and regardless of the price, I don’t expect polishes to change colour. I’m hoping this was a one time bad formula and the other polishes I bought will stand the test of time but this, along with a rude check out girl, has meant that I haven’t been back to buy any more from them.

Here’s a link to the other Claire’s glitter that I already showed you, Digi Pop.

Claire’s Splatter Pink. Three coats and a coat of Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Gel Effect Top Coat.

250 Claire's Splatter Pink 01


Do you guys have any Claire’s nail polishes? What are they like?


Thanks for looking :)



Sinful Colors Happy Ending and Claire’s Digi Pop

Hi Everyone :)


Today I have on my new favourite green nail polish. Sinful Colors Happy Ending is a beautiful vibrant apple green with a strong yellow shimmer. It is so pretty, it glows! I am not a fan of green polishes usually but this was a gift and one I am so happy to have.

When I picked out my polishes for this mani, I didn’t think I’d like the green polish so I also picked out the neon yellow glitter from Claire’s, called Digi Pop to layer over it. (If you havn’t been in Claire’s lately, check out their amazing new range of polishes!) I thought the yellow glitter would kind of match the yellow shimmer and cover the green and I’d end up with a cute mani.

However, I loved the green polish on it’s own and after putting the glitter over one nail, I regretted it and stopped. So I ended up with an index finger accent nail. It just goes to show, don’t judge a polish in the bottle! :p

234.2 Sinful Colors Happy Ending and Claire's Digi PopJPG

234.1 Sinful Colors Happy Ending and Clarie's Digi Pop


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-Eleobel <3

Sinful Colors Beverly Hills

Hi Everyone!

This is my first Valentines mani – I wanted to do a mix and match mani in something appropriate but not pink, so I went with purple. Here’s what I used:

My pinkie is some caviar beads from an assorted pack I bought in Claires, over Sinful Colors Beverly Hills.

My ring finger is Sinful Colors Beverly Hills, again, with some loose, no name glitter dabbed over it while still wet.

My index finger is a let down here because you can’t tell that it’s very fine purple and holo glitter – it is amazing in the sun!

Finally, my middle finger is Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace with a striped heart using Sinful Colors Beverly Hills.

I think the heart is mainly what makes it Valentine-y. I just wanted to have fun with some different purple polishes because they were new! :)

P.s. Has anyone noticed how cute the polishes and nail art stuff is in Claire’s lately? I’m spending too much time queueing behind toddlers (and buying the same things as them!) :D

207.1 Sinful Colors Beverly Hills Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace Claire's Glitter PinkPurple 01

207.6  Sinful Colors Beverly Hills Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace Claire's Glitter PinkPurple 01

What do you think of my mix and match Valentines mani?

Thanks for looking! :)