Barry M Countess

Hi Everyone! :)

I have another Barry M texture polish! Yay! I absolutely loved Lady and Princess and wanted to try this too and it does not disappoint! I think I may end up with all of this collection, eventually! Well done Barry M! :)

In my opinion, this is a brown polish with gold and purple flecks. It is so sparkly in real life but it’s difficult to capture all of the sparkles in one picture. The purple flecks also hid on me when I took out my camera, so this is one of those polishes that really looks better in real life.

202.1 Barry m Countess rs wm


This pic of the bottle is colour accurate. You can see Barry M were generous with the gold flecks and you can see the purple flecks on the bottom half of the bottle. :)

202.5 Barry M Countess rs wm


What do you guys think of this texture?

Thanks for looking! :)