Rimmel Breakfast in Bed and Catrice Glitterazzi

Hi guys :)

I grabbed Breakfast in Bed from the new Rimmel Rita Ora Collection because it reminded me of mint ice-cream, perfect for the summer! It has a white shimmer/pearl finish and I was worried I wouldn’t like it, but it’s really subtle so I was happy! I added Catrice Glitterazzi over it because I just bought it and couldn’t wait to try it out :)

Rimmel Breakfast in Bed. The formula was a tad thick and the brush left streak marks, so I used three coats and Essie Good To Go Topcoat.

357.1 Rimmel Breakfast in Bed 01

Rimmel Breakfast in Bed and Catrice Glitterazzi. The formula of the Catrice was perfect, I used one coat and another coat of Essie Good To Go.

357.2 Rimmel Breakfast in Bed and Catrice Glitterazzi 01

I then added a coat of Essie Matte About You.

357.3 Rimmel Breakfast in Bed and Catrice Glitterazzi Essie Matte About You 01

The bottles :)

357.4 Rimmel Breakfast in Bed and Catrice Glitterazzi 01

Thanks for looking :)


-Eleobel <3


Catrice No Snow Petrol and Claire’s Little Peacock

Hi :)

This green Catrice has a pretty blue shimmer throughout. In general, the shimmer in Catrice’s can look great in the bottle and all but disappear on the nail, but this one doesn’t. I was so happy that it didn’t disappear! It looked so pretty and unusual. (Kath and Kim voice “It’s nooice, it’s nooice, it’s unuussuuall”). It was a very flattering shade of green too, so overall I was very happy with this purchase.

The Claire’s is a holographic silver glitter in a sheer pale green base and it was pretty over the Catrice but nothing special. It did just ended up looking like a glitter in a clear base over the green, so next time I think I’ll wear it alone and see if I like it better that way. Thankfully there were no formula problems, (like I had with Claire’s Pink Splatter), but I just wasn’t blown away by it. What do you think of it?


Catrice No Snow Petrol (two coats).

354.1 Catrice No Snow Petrol


Claire’s Little Peacock (one coat) over Catrice No Snow Petrol

354.2 Catrice No Snow Petrol and Claires Little Peacock

A bottle pic because I wanted to show the lovely blue shimmer in No Snow Petrol :)

354.3 Catrice No Snow Petrol and Claire's Little Peacock


Thanks for looking :)


-Eleobel <3

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Sour Apple and Cherry Drop


Hi Everyone!

Today I have two really nice textures (or Sugar Coats) to show you. The first is a lovely pistachio ice cream colour, called Sour Apple and the second is a lovely bright orange red colour, called Cherry Drop.

I came across these polishes in Dealz (Poundland) and remembered when they came out, they were among the first textures. At the time, I thought they were so cool looking and original, but thought they were only in America so I was delighted to find them here.

They are the original nail-polish-with-sand-mixed-in type textures and although textures have evolved into lovely glittery matte creations, I really liked the simplicity of these polishes. They are lovely colours, which is the first thing I want in a polish, and they are great quality like all Sally Hansen products. I really enjoyed them and will wear them again, especially the red one because the colour is so lovely and bright.

If you want to try a texture and you’re not sure about them, these polishes would be a great first buy.


Sally Hansen Sour Apple

246.1 Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Sour Apple


Sally Hansen Cherry Drop

246.2 Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Cherry Drop



246.3 Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Cherry Drop Bottle


My little kitty’s pretty feet! She loves to stand where I’m taking pictures! :)



246.4 POTD Damson



What do you think of these textures?


Thanks for looking :)


-Eleobel <3

Sinful Colors Happy Ending and Claire’s Digi Pop

Hi Everyone :)


Today I have on my new favourite green nail polish. Sinful Colors Happy Ending is a beautiful vibrant apple green with a strong yellow shimmer. It is so pretty, it glows! I am not a fan of green polishes usually but this was a gift and one I am so happy to have.

When I picked out my polishes for this mani, I didn’t think I’d like the green polish so I also picked out the neon yellow glitter from Claire’s, called Digi Pop to layer over it. (If you havn’t been in Claire’s lately, check out their amazing new range of polishes!) I thought the yellow glitter would kind of match the yellow shimmer and cover the green and I’d end up with a cute mani.

However, I loved the green polish on it’s own and after putting the glitter over one nail, I regretted it and stopped. So I ended up with an index finger accent nail. It just goes to show, don’t judge a polish in the bottle! :p

234.2 Sinful Colors Happy Ending and Claire's Digi PopJPG

234.1 Sinful Colors Happy Ending and Clarie's Digi Pop


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

Pretty Concrete Effect and Barry M Diamond Glitter

Hi Everyone :)

I was in Dealz last week and decided to try some of their nail polish. Dealz is the Irish version of Poundland and they have some great nail polishes all priced at e1.49. I was hesitant to try them because I’ve tried Penny’s, (the Irish version of Primark), nail polishes and they were lovely on but stank to high heaven! The smell would knock you out!

The polishes in Dealz look really nice too, and they are cheap, so I bought a couple. I’m not sorry I did because I really love how they look but, they do really smell! You’ve been warned!

Here’s the Pretty Concrete Effect on it’s own, no topcoat. It’s a green/teal matte polish with silver glitter through it.

230.1 Pretty Concrete Effect 001


Again, I was really happy with this. It had a great formula, great colour and was complete matte when dry. All for e1.49. The smell did fade quite a bit when the polish dried, but I’m just saying, paint your nails with the window open with this one. :)

Then I added two coats of Barry M Diamond Glitter. This is a silver holographic glitter in a clear base. This pic was taken in the shade to show off the holographic effect, so the colour looks a bit darker here.

230.2 Pretty Concrete Effect and Barry m Diamond Glitter 001


and finally, a pic of the bottles :)

230.3 Pretty Concrete Effect and Barry M Diamond Glitter 001


Have you tried any Pretty nail polishes? Did you like them?

Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel :)

Sally Hansen Kiwi Bikini and Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing a lovely bright green colour called Kiwi Bikini by Sally Hansen and the gold glitter accent nail is Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment.

This is two coats of each polish over Millionails and I used a gloopy layer of Seche Vite to top it off. (Don’t you hate when it goes gloopy half way down the bottle? I chucked it in the bin after this mani but then went back an hour later and fished it out because it does look so smooth even when it gloops!)

The gold glitter is sooo sparkly! Every time I wear a Nails Inc glitter I think to myself “Nails Inc really do the best glitters” – they are always pretty and super sparkly and they are full coverage! This is two coats!

What other glitter can you say looks this good after only two coats? I mentioned yesterday, briefly, that it’s hard to justify the price of some higher end polishes but Nails Inc glitters are worth every penny and I get so much enjoyment out of them that I never think twice about buying them.

I actually went through my polishes today looking for another colour to replace the green, that would also go with the gold and thought about only changing polish on my green nails because I don’t want to take the gold off. I ended up just leaving it alone. I love the sparkle! :)

224 Sally Hansen Kiwi Bikini and Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment

What do you guys think of accent nails? I read this article ages ago and it still annoys me because it was so bitchy – I remember Kaley Couco getting married and thinking her nails were so young and cool! I just recently got into accent nails and I think they’re fun! I’d love to know what you all think :)

Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel <3

Rimmel Jade Green and Maybelline White Splatter

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing another Maybelline Street Art nail polish. This one is called White Splatter and is made up of small blue, green and pink shiny glitter; and tiny, small, medium and large white satin glitter, as well as white bar glitter. In other words, alot of glitter! I put it over Rimmel Jade Green, which is a bright but dark green. It’s the colour of grass in the Summer.

I really liked this glitter because it looked like chaos on my nails. Also, even though it was alot of glitter, you can still see the green polish underneath. I liked these polishes and the combination of the two. (As opposed to the last Maybelline Street Art combo I wore). I used two coats of Jade Green and one of White Splatter. The formulas of both were great and I finished the whole thing off with NYC Grand Central Station topcoat.

203.1 Rimmel Jade Green and Maybelline White Splatter 1


My skin looks bright here, but the colour of the polishes is accurate. Here’s a bottle pic! :)

203.2 Rimmel Jade Green and Maybelline White Splatter 1

I think it looks like fun in a bottle! What do you think of this polish and the combination of the two?

Thanks for looking! :)