NYC Sugar Heel and Hairspray

Hi guys :)

This is NYC Sugar Heel, a white polish with a white shimmer/pearl finish. I was looking for a white polish that I could wear alone without it looking too stark and this is it because the finish gives it a soft, pretty look. I was really happy with this polish, the formula was lovely and it only needed two coats. All for only E1.59. Bargain!

NYC Sugar Heel

359.1 NYC Sugar Heel 01


I also picked up this neon yellow nail polish called Hairspray S416. I had never heard of the brand Hairspray so I Googled it only to find out it’s an Irish beauty brand.  The formula was a bit watery so I layered two coats over NYC Sugar Heel. It also had a chemical smell but you can’t beat the colour! It was radioactive when out in the sun!

Hairspray s416 over NYC Sugar Heel

359.2 Hairspray S416 over NYC Sugar Heel 01


Thanks for looking :)