Gosh Holographic Hero and BornPrettyStore Houndstooth Water Decals

Hi :)

This is the new version of the infamous Gosh holographic nail polish. It’s fabulous in the sun, obvs!, but it does chip really easily and quickly. It does say on the lid that it’s “For One Night Only”, and they mean it! it’s a chippy mess by day two.

Advertising a holographic polish for use at night time is really silly! It’s only holographic in the sun! It really should say for one day only? It doesn’t sound as glamourous but at least it makes sense! :P

I used BornPrettyStore water decals on my ring finger, I love houndstooth! These water decals are so easy to use, I’m wearing them more and more. Such a great alternative to stamping! (I practice and practice but still end up with polish everywhere but my nails!) These just glide on!

Gosh Holographic Hero and BornPrettyStore Water Decals:

364 Gosh Holographic Hero and BPS Houndstooth Water Decals


This is what the packet of water decals looks like:

bps houndstooth

Don’t forget to use this code to get 10% off your BornPrettyStore.com purchase. They also do free worldwide shipping so the water decals are just o.90 cent! Beat that with a stick! :D


Thanks for looking! :)


Nails Inc Emerald Street and Essence The Most Wonderful Tree

Hi :)

This is why I love Nails Inc.! Perfect formula, rich colour and a beautiful finish. Nails Inc. make some of the dreamiest polishes ever made!

(I’m trying so hard not to mention the free nail polishes that they give away with promotions, they are terrible! I got one free with toothpaste last week and didn’t post it because it bubbled so much.)

This is a glowy, deep, rich green and the perfect polish for St Patrick’s Day! Even the name is perfect for it, Emerald Street. :)

Nails Inc Emerald Street:

343.1 Nails Inc Emerald Street and Jamberry Wrap

I added two coats of Essence The Most Wonderful Tree the next day. I got this polish at Christmas because it looks like you shredded a beautiful green, sparkly Christmas tree and then used it to paint your nails. I’m not making it sound as great as it looks. It has lots of deep green and holographic glitter of different sizes.

Essence The Most Wonderful Tree over Nails Inc Emerald Street:

343.2 Nails Inc Emerald Street and Essence The Most Wonderful Tree

P.s. This is the free sample of the Jamberry Nails nail wrap in Black&White Stripe after wearing it for a week. It has a tiny bit of tip wear and it came away from the cuticle a tiny bit, but it was like that when I applied it because I didn’t run a cuticle stick over it to smooth it down like the instructions said. I’m a rebel!

343.3 Jamberry Wrap trial after a week


Overall I’m really impressed with the wear on these! I removed it after taking the pic but it would have lasted longer. I hope they become available internationally soon, I’ve been drooling over Jamberry for years! Now that I’ve had this free sample, I only want them more! :)


Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel <3

Holographic nail polish! Hits Hefesto, Nails Inc Electric Lane Holographic Topcoat and Model’s Own Juicy Jules.

Hi :)

A few days ago, a girl posted a manicure that was all of her holographic nail polishes all at once on reddit and it was ammmA-zing! So of course I had to try it too!

(I can’t find the post now but if you see this please message me and I’ll link to you and give you credit!).

As a base I used a couple of coats of Wet n Wild 2% Milk. It is the most beautiful, flattering sheer nude polish but I forgot to take pictures of it, so I’ll do another post on just that polish at a later date.

Then I added two coats of Hits Hefesto which is a holographic topcoat. (Hits re-released this polish with a new, better, formula and you can buy it here.) Video below!

Then I added two coats of Nails Inc Electric Lane Holographic Topcoat, which is a super fine silver/holographic glitter. Video below!

Then I added a coat of Model’s Own Juicy Jules just on the bottom half of my nails, because I didn’t want to drown out the other, finer polishes. All the holographics! :D Video below!

This was so much fun!

Hits Hefesto, Nails Inc Electric Lane and Model’s Own Juice Jules:

451.2 Model's Own Juicy Jules over Nails Inc Electric Lane over Hits Hefesto

This is two coats of Hits Hefesto over Wet n Wild 2% Milk:

451.1 Hits Hefesto over Wet n Wild 2% Milk


The bottles! (Artificial light on my new blanket cosy blanket)

451.3 Holo


The videooooos! :D (So proud of my technology skills! I can make moving pictures!)


Thanks for looking! :D


-Eleobel <3

Barry M Rockstar

Hi :)

Today I have the most gorgeous grey nail polish ever! It’s called Barry M Rockstar and it’s a grey metallic polish with, not just holographic glitter, but iridescent glitter! So many colours! So much fun! It had a great finish in every single type of light! I wiggled my fingers all over the County with this one :)

The formula was a bit thick but when I opened my new bottle at home, I realized someone had already opened it in the shop, and gunked the whole neck. (Don’t do that!) (Do not gunk the bottle!) (Now it’s my gunky bottle and it’s your fault!). So it may have been because it was opened and not because of the formula, but I’m telling you anyway!

It was, of course, terribly, horribly, snow leopard sighting-ly difficult to capture all the types and colours of glitter but I finally joined Instagram and made a lil video to show off all the sparkles so you can watch that below!

Or just look at this pic :)


Barry M Rockstar:

448.1 Barry M Rockstar


My first video! Hurray for Instagram! :)




Paw of the Day! =.=



Thanks for looking! :D


-Eleobel <3

Oh My Gosh Cobalt Blue and 17 Silver (Holo)

Hi :)

I have two gorgeous polishes on today and zero pictures that capture that beauty! (I tried my best!)

Oh My Gosh Cobalt Blue is the Holy Grail of blues for me. I’ve always wanted a polish that is dark blue but not to the point that it just looks like I’m wearing black polish. It has to be dark and also blue, and this is! (Am I making sense? or is this crazy nail polish talk?)

17 came out with a holographic polish some years ago and it’s simply called Silver. (Do you remember seeing it in every Boots ad, in every magazine, coming up to Christmas and then checking the 17 stand in Boots every week only to never find it there? …Just me? Ok. Maybe that was just me.) Anyway…*cough* I found it! I went to Dublin for some xmas shopping and found quite a few wishlist polishes and this was one of the best!

It looks like a plain, dull, white silver in the shade but in the sun it comes alive! You get that gorgeous rainbow effect. I love it. So much fun to wear when you’re going anywhere. (Holographic polish has to be worn to the beach in the Summer!)

Here are the best pics I could take of it :)


Oh My Gosh Cobalt Blue and 17 Silver (Holo)

428.1 Oh My Gosh Cobalt Blue and 17 Silver (Holo) 428.2 Oh My Gosh Cobalt Blue and 17 Silver (Holo)

This is what it looks like in the shade, it’s definitely an outside polish! :)


428.3 Oh My Gosh Cobalt Blue and 17 Silver (Holo)


Thanks for looking!

Do you own any holographic polishes? What’s your favourite?


-Eleobel :)

Wet n Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint

Hi :)

I’m having lots of fun experimenting with nail art but it’s so scary because it’s very difficult to make it look like it does on Pinterest! Those girls are professionals! (Nail Technicians, not the other kind of professional. ;)

Today I thought, “Why try one nail art effect, when you can try them all?” and I ended up with dots, stripes, chevrons and (always) glitter!

– I used NYC Frozen Metal (silver) under Wet n Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint (green) for the stripes on my index finger.

– My Middle finger is two coats of No7 Snow Wash over I Need A Refresh-Mint.

– Ring finger is Rimmel Disco Fever, hand placed, over NYC Frozen Metal.

– Pinkie is Deborah Lippman Amazing Grace over I Need A Refresh-Mint.

My version of Pinterest nails:

427 Wet n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint NYC Frozen Metal No7 Snow Wash Rimmel Disco Fever


Thanks for looking!



Make Up Gallery Scarlett Sparkle

Hi :)

Today I have another cheap and cheerful nail polish to show you. Emphasis on cheap.

Make Up Gallery is Dealz’s make up line. (Dealz is the Irish version of Poundland). Yes, the poundshop came out with it’s own cosmetics line. Who knew?

I gave up on poundshop nail polish after I tried some Pretty nail polishes, and although they were lovely looking and the formula was ok, I could not stand the smell. Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

However, this one had tiny holographic glitter, so how could I resist? (I could not). (No one can). (It’s tiny and holographic!).

It turns out that Make Up Gallery is better than Pretty. The smell was noticeable but not overwhelming and the formula was fine, slightly thick but manageable. To cut to the chase, I would buy Make Up Gallery polishes again.

Here’s why:

Make Up Gallery Scarlett Sparkle:

421.1 Make Up Gallery Scarlett Sparkle


Scarlett Sparkle is a raspberry jelly with tiny holographic glitter. The squishy finish and delicate, colourful sparkle makes this an absolute winner. Well done Dealz!

This is three coats of Scarlett Sparkle and a coat of Seche Vite and then another coat of Essie Good To Go.

Paw of the Day! (See how squishy the nail polish looks? Mmmmmm).

421.2 Make Up Gallery Scarlett Sparkle


The bottle that I couldn’t resist, (the polish looks more red than pink in the bottle and darker):

421.3 Make Up Gallery Scarlett Sparkle



Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

Revlon Gold Coin and Barry M Starlight

Hi :)

Sparkles! I love sparkles! I’m a fully grown woman and I love sparkles and that is why this topcoat is absolute heaven for me.

This mani is two coats of Revlon Gold Coin, a really magnificent metallic gold that has replaced Orly Luxe as the best gold nail polish on record! It has a perfect formula; it’s streak free and applies like…well..liquid gold! It’s so utterly reflective that I want to paint it on everything! King Midas would paint his nails with this polish.

On top of that I applied one, ONE, one single coat of Barry M Starlight. It’s so jam packed full of glitter that I had to put some back into the bottle! Madness! It’s the most holographic, colourful, sparkliest, glitteriest nail polish EVER! I squeeled out loud when I put this on. (Again, I swear, I’m grown).

Starlight is a Christmas limited edition, Boots exclusive, nail polish and of all of the recommendations I’ve ever given, this is number one! If you see this GRAB IT! Grab it and run and don’t look back!*

Revlon Gold Coin and Barry M Starlight

420.2 Revlon Gold Coin and Barry M Starlight

The bottles:

420.3 Revlon Gold Coin and Barry M Starlight

Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel :)


*Disclaimer: Don’t grab it and run, this is thievery!

Orly Sparkling Garbage

Happy New Year Everyone!

Let’s start the year off right with one of the best nail polishes ever! I bought this because of all the hype about it on other blogs. I don’t really like green and I didn’t see what was so special about it. Until I wore it, that is, and then my brain melted from staring at all the sparkles! Believe the hype! :)

It’s a green jelly with lots and lots of strong holographic glitter. It’s a great formula and was perfectly smooth after only one layer of topcoat. It really is worth picking up if you see it.

This polish is amazing!


Orly Sparkling Garbage

408.1 Orly Sparkling Garbage


Oh? What’s that? You don’t see what all the fuss is about?



THIS is what all the fuss is about! *Hallelujah*

408.2 Orly Sparkling Garbage


Hope you have a great 2015!


-Eleobel <3