Maybelline (Crystallize) Green Depth and Born Pretty Store Shell Paper

Hi! :D

Maybelline Green Depth is one of the Crystallize nail polishes, which is a collection of liquid sand polishes.

It’s a black polish with green/purple duochrome glass fleck and it is utterly gorgeous.

Maybelline Green Depth (No topcoat)


If you squint at the bottle, you can see the glass fleck is green in the middle and purple towards the edge. I love this polish!


However, it’s at this point that I messed the whole thing up!

Now, my original idea was to use this gorgeous Born Pretty Store shell paper over the polish to get irregularly shaped green flashes over a subtle green shimmer background. But this didn’t happen. “Why?”.

My first mistake was trying to stick the smooth plastic shell paper over liquid sand, because of the gritty finish of the polish, the paper couldn’t adhere.

Then I thought I could fix the whole thing by smothering it with topcoat but because the shell paper wasn’t stuck properly, it kept lifting, and the liquid sand polish kept soaking up all the topcoat, so I ended up with a lumpy finish. (Not a good look).

However, I still loved how the shell paper looked! I just made a mistake pairing it with a liquid sand polish. I’m definitely going to try it again and use it with a regular polish. :)


Have any of you succeeded in creating this type of nail look? Any tips for me? :)


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel :)

Maybelline (Bleached Neons) Tropink over Essence Wild White Ways

Hi everyone! :)

I was so excited to try the Maybelline Bleached Neons, (I live for neon and glitter!), and this colour did not disappoint.

First of all; it was actually neon, unlike a lot of polishes that advertise themselves to be neon, and then just aren’t. Don’t say you’re neon if you’re not neon! It’s false advertisement! (Am I getting too shouty? I get a bit shouty about non-neon neons).

Secondly, it was a gorgeous colour. It sat in-between pink and coral, neither one nor the other, just sat there, being pretty. I loved it and I keep picking it to wear over my other neons just because the colour is a bit different, a bit less obvious and really girly. (You know, compared to the traffic cone orange neon and the highlighter yellow neon).

However, it is necessary to wear this polish over a white base. I used Essence Wild White Ways, which has a great formula and coverage. If you are shopping for a white polish, I’d highly recommend this one. I went out and bought a few backups because it’s so hard to find a good white.

Maybelline Tropink (Bleached Neons) over Essence Wild White Ways


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel xoxo

Maybelline Purple Dazzle

Hi :)

Maybelline Purple Dazzle is a purple jelly polish with pastel pink, purple and blue glitter and tiny pink and green glitter. It’s so colourful! It’s looks like you put the worlds prettiest sprinkles inside a bowl of jelly. So sparkly and squishy! :D

I posted the blue version of this last week, Skyline Blue, I love them both. (Ok I love the purple one a bit more, OK a lot more! But shhhhh! Don’t let the blue one know, it’ll hurt his feelings.)

I loooove jelly polishes with glitter! Actually I’ve posted a bunch of them, like this one, or this one, or this one, or this one or this one and I love them all! (Not equally though…shhhh!)

Maybelline Purple Dazzle:

361 Maybelline Purple Dazzle

What’s your favourite jelly polish with glitter?

Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

Maybelline Skyline Blue

Hi :)

Maybelline Skyline Blue is really gorgeous in person, but quite hard to photograph, the colour is so vibrant and the glitter so reflective; but that doesn’t translate to the pictures.

It’s a blue jelly polish with lots of blue, silver and tiny pink glitter.

It looks like a clear blue sea with sparkling gems at the bottom. I really enjoyed wearing it, it sparkled something fierce in the sun :)

This is two coats of Skyline Blue and two coats of NYC Grand Central Station topcoat.


Maybelline Skyline Blue:

357 Maybelline Skyline Blue


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

Maybelline Nearly Black (Crystallize)

Hi :)

I tried this negative space mani for my Anti-Valentines day nails and was really surprised by how much I liked the look. (I thought I’d hate showing part of my naked nail, #NeverNude). So I wanted to try it again!

I used this black texture polish so that I could apply one coat and remove the tape straight away and still have full coverage. I actually used these Seche French Mani Guides, they are the best I’ve ever tried, they give a clean line every time and leave no horrible sticky residue behind.

I used Wet n Wild 2% Milk as my base again and then I placed the Seche french mani guides and then used one thick coat of Nearly Black and removed the guides immediately. Voila!

Maybelline Nearly Black (Crystallize):

454.1 Maybelline Nearly Black (Crystallize)


Thanks for looking! :D



Maybelline Red Excess (Crystallize)

Hi :)

Another day, another texture! This is a black polish with duochrome glassflecks that shift from red to gold.

I used two coats but when the polish dried it looked more brown than black so then I added topcoat, and unlike yesterday, this baby shined with topcoat! Shined and sparkled! I lovvved it topcoated, it went back to looking black, the flakies sparkled SO HARD! and the colour shift was way more noticable.

Buy this polish and topcoat it immediately! Oh and it’s only one coat of Seche Vite! It only needed one coat! I’m in polish heaven people! *Wiggles fingers*

Maybelline Red Excess (Crystallize):



With topcoat:

436.2 Maybelline Red Excess (Crystallize)


436.3 Maybelline Red Excess (Crystallize)



436.4 Maybelline Red Excess (Crystallize)

Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel :)

Maybelline Ocean Blue and Orly Sparkle Soaked


Hi everyone! :)

Today’s mani is blue, blue and some more blue! I used Maybelline’s gorgeous glassfleck, called Ocean Blue, as the base and, as always, I wanted more bling; so I added some Orly Sparkle Soaked glitter to my ring finger and thumb.

The formulas of both polishes were perfect. No problems.

I used two coats of the Maybelline and I dabbed on some of the Orly, trying to achieve a lazy gradient effect, and it still applied perfectly. This mani was really simple to do but I loved the result. (If I do say so myself!)

Both polishes have a realllllyyy subtle, realllly tiny pink/purple glassfleck effect and it’s pretty up close. If you look realllllyy closely at my ring finger you can see it :)

I used Essie Good To Go topcoat! :)


Maybelline Ocean Blue and Orly Sparkle Soaked

364 Maybelline Ocean Blue and Orly Sparkle Soaked



I’d love to hear if you guys have any polishing shortcuts? (Like dabbing the glitter on towards the end of the nail with the brush to make it look like a gradient instead of using a sponge.)


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

Sinful Colors Oh Lala and Maybelline Foil Flash (Brocades)

Hi Everyone!

Maybelline Foil Flash is part of the Brocades collection and is a fine silver glitter with larger silver glitter pieces in it too. The fine silver glitter has a yellow/gold flash in some light so I wanted to pair it with this orange Sinful Colors, called Oh Lala. I thought the yellow/gold flash might look nice with the hot orange.

I also wanted to try something different, I’ve been doing alot of accent nails and wanted to use two polishes but in another way. I used striping tape to tape off the corner of each nail and then painted the Maybelline on just one corner. The lines are a bit crooked but I still liked the overall effect. I think in future I’d try this look with a smoother glitter or a creme to get a crisper line but I liked both polishes together so I’m happy with it.


235.2 Sinful Colors Oh Lala and Maybelline Foil FlashJPG

235.1 Sinful Colors Oh Lala and Maybelline Foil FlashJPG


Thanks for looking! :)



Maybelline Rosy Rosettes (Brocades)

Hi Everyone :)

Today I’m wearing Rosy Rosettes, it’s part of Maybellines Brocades collection. I’ve already blogged about another polish from this collection, Knitted Gold and so far, I’m loving this collection. If you like a bit of sparkle, I think you will too.

This polish has a metallic pink base and gold shimmer in it, and mixed in with that is (alot of) small and medium sized pink glitter. It looks like I put on a metallic pink polish, and then layered a gold shimmer over it, and then added pink glitter to that, but it all came out of one bottle. I loved the end result.

I will say that I bought this polish a couple of months ago and when I did, it looked perfect but the polish has become very thick since then and some of the pink glitter lost it’s colour. That’s why some of the glitter in my pics look silver, it should be pink. It’s possible I left the bottle open and some of it evaporated or I got a bad bottle. However, even with the thicker formula it went on really easily and still looked great.

This is two coats over Essie Millionails. I used a coat of Catrice High Shine Quick Dry topcoat to dry it quickly and then added Nails Inc Gel Effect topcoat to smooth it over and then added a coat of Essence Gel Look topcoat because it still looked a little lumpy.

228 Maybelline Rosy Rosettes


Thanks for looking! :)


Maybelline (Brocades) Knitted Gold

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing the most beautiful nail polish! It is so shiny and reflective. I mentioned in my 7 Deadly Sins tag, that the one nail polish I really wish I owned, was Lacquistry Amazeballs. The reason I want this polish so badly, is because it is a super blingy, Minx-type-effect, nail polish. Well, this is the drugstore version. Yay!

It isn’t super smooth, like Minx, or all one colour, like Amazeballs, but the light it catches is amazing! In every type of light, my nails glowed! I was so happy with this purchase! I wore this polish for days and loved every second.

It is made up of very small, yellow gold glassflecks and larger rose gold glitter. This is three coats of polish, topped with one coat of Seche Vite. After three coats, you get a solid yellow gold glow but the addition of the pink glitter makes it far more interesting and girly, because it also catches the light and sparkles.

This is immediately one of my favourite nail polishes of the year so far. Hope you like it too!

208.1 Maybelline Knitted Gold 01

The yellow gold glassfleck is so blinding above, that I want to show you a pic of the bottle too, so that you can see all the lovely pink glitter.

208.3 Maybelline Knitted Gold 01


What do you think of this type of glitter?

Thanks for looking! :)