Nails Inc You’re a Peach and BornPrettyStore Daisys! :)

Hi! :)

These nails were supposed to be for the April #NailLinkUp, but I’m a little late posting them!

When I saw the theme Spring Flowers, I actually squeeled, because BornPrettyStore sent me these gorgeous little 3D Daisy’s to review and I couldn’t wait to try them and how perfectly do they fit the theme?! (I know, I know, I get way too excited about nails!)

The daisy’s are made of a kind of soft, rubber material, so they are really nice to use. They’re also really cute! They come in all kinds of lovely colours and are $1.99 for two. If you use my discount code below then they’re even cheaper and don’t forget they do free worldwide delivery! (Do I sound like an infomercial? I just love these flingin’ flanin’ things so much! :)

The polish is a free Nails Inc that came with the June 2013 edition of InStyle, called You’re a Peach. It’s a pretty pastel colour and the formula is ok, but not as good as real Nails Inc polishes. (I swear the free ones are different!)

Nails Inc You’re a Peach and 3D Daisy’s:

365 Nails Inc You're a Peach and BPS Daisy (EN)


Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel :)

Nails Inc Emerald Street and Essence The Most Wonderful Tree

Hi :)

This is why I love Nails Inc.! Perfect formula, rich colour and a beautiful finish. Nails Inc. make some of the dreamiest polishes ever made!

(I’m trying so hard not to mention the free nail polishes that they give away with promotions, they are terrible! I got one free with toothpaste last week and didn’t post it because it bubbled so much.)

This is a glowy, deep, rich green and the perfect polish for St Patrick’s Day! Even the name is perfect for it, Emerald Street. :)

Nails Inc Emerald Street:

343.1 Nails Inc Emerald Street and Jamberry Wrap

I added two coats of Essence The Most Wonderful Tree the next day. I got this polish at Christmas because it looks like you shredded a beautiful green, sparkly Christmas tree and then used it to paint your nails. I’m not making it sound as great as it looks. It has lots of deep green and holographic glitter of different sizes.

Essence The Most Wonderful Tree over Nails Inc Emerald Street:

343.2 Nails Inc Emerald Street and Essence The Most Wonderful Tree

P.s. This is the free sample of the Jamberry Nails nail wrap in Black&White Stripe after wearing it for a week. It has a tiny bit of tip wear and it came away from the cuticle a tiny bit, but it was like that when I applied it because I didn’t run a cuticle stick over it to smooth it down like the instructions said. I’m a rebel!

343.3 Jamberry Wrap trial after a week


Overall I’m really impressed with the wear on these! I removed it after taking the pic but it would have lasted longer. I hope they become available internationally soon, I’ve been drooling over Jamberry for years! Now that I’ve had this free sample, I only want them more! :)


Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel <3

Holographic nail polish! Hits Hefesto, Nails Inc Electric Lane Holographic Topcoat and Model’s Own Juicy Jules.

Hi :)

A few days ago, a girl posted a manicure that was all of her holographic nail polishes all at once on reddit and it was ammmA-zing! So of course I had to try it too!

(I can’t find the post now but if you see this please message me and I’ll link to you and give you credit!).

As a base I used a couple of coats of Wet n Wild 2% Milk. It is the most beautiful, flattering sheer nude polish but I forgot to take pictures of it, so I’ll do another post on just that polish at a later date.

Then I added two coats of Hits Hefesto which is a holographic topcoat. (Hits re-released this polish with a new, better, formula and you can buy it here.) Video below!

Then I added two coats of Nails Inc Electric Lane Holographic Topcoat, which is a super fine silver/holographic glitter. Video below!

Then I added a coat of Model’s Own Juicy Jules just on the bottom half of my nails, because I didn’t want to drown out the other, finer polishes. All the holographics! :D Video below!

This was so much fun!

Hits Hefesto, Nails Inc Electric Lane and Model’s Own Juice Jules:

451.2 Model's Own Juicy Jules over Nails Inc Electric Lane over Hits Hefesto

This is two coats of Hits Hefesto over Wet n Wild 2% Milk:

451.1 Hits Hefesto over Wet n Wild 2% Milk


The bottles! (Artificial light on my new blanket cosy blanket)

451.3 Holo


The videooooos! :D (So proud of my technology skills! I can make moving pictures!)


Thanks for looking! :D


-Eleobel <3

Nails Inc Maida Vale

Hi everyone :)

Nails Inc released three pastel glitters in 2012. You can see them here. This is the pastel blue/silver one called Maida Vale. I grabbed this in TK Maxx because I cannot resist any Nails Inc Glitter, they do the absolute best glitters ever, anywhere, ever! :)

I used two coats, yes only two! For full coverage and total sparkle-tastic-ness! Then I used one thick coat of Seche Vite to seal it all in and smooth it all out.

Nails Inc Maida Vale

400 Nails Inc Maida Vale


Have you tried any Nails Inc glitters?

Thanks for looking!



Nails Inc Trafalgar Square




Hi :)

I found this lone red glitter by Nails Inc in TK Maxx over the weekend and I couldn’t leave it on the shelf. I love red glitter and Nails Inc do the best glitters. When Nails Inc claim one of their glitters is full coverage, it’s true! This is two coats and there isn’t one speck of nail showing through underneath. Nails Inc glitters are also the sparkliest glitters I have ever tried, and isn’t that exactally when we want when we wear glitter? Lots of sparkle? :)

I hope you like it as much as I did :)


Nails Inc Trafalgar Square (Two coats, perfect formula and a coat of Essence Gel Effect topcoat)

355 Nails Inc Trafalgar Square


Thanks for looking :)


-Eleobel <3

Nails Inc Park Lane Mews and Nails Inc Marlybone Lane

Hi Everyone :)

Today I’m wearing two of the mini Nails Inc polishes that came in The Editors box set.

Park Lane Mews is a lovely wine red, very nice colour and flattering on. I was going to wear this on it’s own, but I was in a hurry and didn’t wait for it to dry, so it bubbled like mad all over. I thought I’d fix this by doing a glitter gradient, but the bubbles were all over the nails, so the gradient came nearly the whole way up to the cuticle. I ended up liking the result just because both polishes are so pretty but this isn’t my best effort! :)

Marlybone Lane is a glitter polish, and first let me just say, nothing sparkles like a Nails Inc glitter. I wiggled my fingers all over Ireland to watch this polish sparkle :) I thought it was a red glitter from looking at the bottle but it was actually red and pink with black glitter. It looked really fab on and the colour combo was amazing. I will definitely be wearing this again. I’m just sorry it’s a mini bottle because it’ll be used up soon! :)


Nails Inc Park Lane Mews and Nails Inc Marlybone Lane (Glitter) over it.

239.1 Nails Inc Park Lane Mews and Nails Inc Marlybone Lane 01


The super cute, tiny (but expensive) bottles :)

239.2 Nails Inc Park Lane Mews and Nails Inc Marlybone Lane 01


What do you think? Yay or Yuck? :P


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

Nails Inc Porchester Square

Hi Everyone :)

Today I’m wearing Nails Inc Porchester Square. It’s a beautiful nude colour and is the most flattering nude I have yet to wear. I usually add something to a nude to jazz it up and had planned to add some neon over this, but I didn’t have time over the weekend and quite enjoyed wearing this on it’s own. I was shocked because I’m usually reaching for the nail polish remover after a few hours when I wear nude.

It almost has a slight lavender tint to it, this is what sets it apart from other nude polishes and makes it unique. (That, and the fact that it seems to suit every skin tone). I often watch Nails Inc on QVC because they demonstrate the newest nail polish releases and tell you all about them, and they are always saying this is one of their best selling shades, and now I can see why.

I never had the urge to buy it on it’s own because, as I said, I’m not much of a nude polish girl, but it was included in a mini set I bought and I’m so glad I have it now. I can see it immediately becoming my go-to polish when I need something neutral but also a bit unique and flattering.

226 Nails Inc Porchester Square (EN)


What do you think of the nude polish trend? It is boring or classic?

Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel <3


Sally Hansen Kiwi Bikini and Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing a lovely bright green colour called Kiwi Bikini by Sally Hansen and the gold glitter accent nail is Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment.

This is two coats of each polish over Millionails and I used a gloopy layer of Seche Vite to top it off. (Don’t you hate when it goes gloopy half way down the bottle? I chucked it in the bin after this mani but then went back an hour later and fished it out because it does look so smooth even when it gloops!)

The gold glitter is sooo sparkly! Every time I wear a Nails Inc glitter I think to myself “Nails Inc really do the best glitters” – they are always pretty and super sparkly and they are full coverage! This is two coats!

What other glitter can you say looks this good after only two coats? I mentioned yesterday, briefly, that it’s hard to justify the price of some higher end polishes but Nails Inc glitters are worth every penny and I get so much enjoyment out of them that I never think twice about buying them.

I actually went through my polishes today looking for another colour to replace the green, that would also go with the gold and thought about only changing polish on my green nails because I don’t want to take the gold off. I ended up just leaving it alone. I love the sparkle! :)

224 Sally Hansen Kiwi Bikini and Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment

What do you guys think of accent nails? I read this article ages ago and it still annoys me because it was so bitchy – I remember Kaley Couco getting married and thinking her nails were so young and cool! I just recently got into accent nails and I think they’re fun! I’d love to know what you all think :)

Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel <3

Nails Inc South Kensington & H+M Jo Is In The House

Hi Everyone! :)

I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d probably still be wearing the Nails Inc Foil Effect polish! I couldn’t take it off – it is just so shiny! :)

However, I wanted to show you guys something new, so I added H+M Jo Is In The House. This is the prettiest silver holo glitter I have ever seen – if you’re going to get one silver glitter – definitely make it this one. I’ve been stalking my H+M for this polish since I saw it on TheNailasaurus a while ago. So, so glad I did! (Ok..I know I go on a bit, but these are really great polishes!)

Also, I was disappointed with my last striping tape tutorial and did another one – so keep reading if you’d like to see it.

1 Nails Inc South Kensington and H+M Jo Is In The House

2 Nails Inc South Kensington and H+M Jo Is In The House


1. To begin, cut off ten pieces of striping tape. Then, using a tweezers, place two pieces on your nail in the shape of an X.

3 Nails Inc South Kensington and H+M Jo Is In The House

2.(1) Then take two more pieces, and place them parallel to one side of the X, to make a smaller V shape.

4 Nails Inc South Kensington and H+M Jo Is In The House


5 Nails Inc South Kensington and H+M Jo Is In The House

3. Repeat this step on all four sides to get this design.

6 Nails Inc South Kensington and H+M Jo Is In The House

4. Then paint over the striping tape with one coat of polish (Collection 2000 All That Jazz).

7 Nails Inc South Kensington and H+M Jo Is In The House Collection 2000 All That Jazz

5. Quickly, using tweezers, remove all pieces of tape and this is the end result! :)

8 Nails Inc South Kensington and H+M Jo Is In The House Collection 2000 All That Jazz



Hopefully you guys liked my mini tutorial (even though I forgot to add topcoat!), let me know what you think in the comments.


Thanks for looking! :)

– Eleobel

Nails Inc South Kensington

Hi Everyone! :)

I am so excited about this mani. I realllly wanted this polish for Christmas after seeing Heather Berry wearing it on QVC. I didn’t get it then, but I did get my hands on a mini bottle yesterday and I put it on immediately. I was hoping it would look as nice in real life as it did on the telly, but I was wrong. It’s better! I love this one so much.

Out of all of the latest trends in nail polish, textures and crackles and such, this one is my favourite. I really don’t want to take it off…I think my next blog post may be “still wearing Nails Inc South Kensington”. :)

Heather did say to wear this on bare nails as it would apply better, but I always have to wear basecoat. So I put on one coat of Essie Millionails, one coat of Essie Matte About You and then the Nails Inc. She also said to wear it without topcoat, so I did.

This is one coat of South Kensington:

219.1 Nails Inc South Kensington 01

This is two coats:

219.2 Nails Inc South Kensington 01


and look, it matches!

219.3 Nails Inc South Kensington 01


What do you guys think of this polish?


Thanks for looking! :)