Catrice No Snow Petrol and Claire’s Little Peacock

Hi :)

This green Catrice has a pretty blue shimmer throughout. In general, the shimmer in Catrice’s can look great in the bottle and all but disappear on the nail, but this one doesn’t. I was so happy that it didn’t disappear! It looked so pretty and unusual. (Kath and Kim voice “It’s nooice, it’s nooice, it’s unuussuuall”). It was a very flattering shade of green too, so overall I was very happy with this purchase.

The Claire’s is a holographic silver glitter in a sheer pale green base and it was pretty over the Catrice but nothing special. It did just ended up looking like a glitter in a clear base over the green, so next time I think I’ll wear it alone and see if I like it better that way. Thankfully there were no formula problems, (like I had with Claire’s Pink Splatter), but I just wasn’t blown away by it. What do you think of it?


Catrice No Snow Petrol (two coats).

354.1 Catrice No Snow Petrol


Claire’s Little Peacock (one coat) over Catrice No Snow Petrol

354.2 Catrice No Snow Petrol and Claires Little Peacock

A bottle pic because I wanted to show the lovely blue shimmer in No Snow Petrol :)

354.3 Catrice No Snow Petrol and Claire's Little Peacock


Thanks for looking :)


-Eleobel <3