L’Oreal Opera Ballerina and Cute Cat Decals from BornPrettyStore.com

Hi again everyone!

Here’s a super quick and super cute, (if I do say so myself!), mani.

The polish is L’Oreal Opera Ballerina, the most beautiful pale nude polish ever. I usually hate sheer polishes, I really don’t like seeing my nails under polish, but this has such a pretty french manicure effect, that I fell in love. (With myself.) (Take that every fairy tale ever told!)

I think I already mentioned how much I love L’Oreal polishes, (See: every post about L’Oreal that I ever wrote), because the formula is like butta! (Do people still say butta?) Anyway, it applies like a dream!

L’Oreal Opera Ballerina:


The cat decal is from BornPrettyStore.com and they work just like those tattoos you get in bubble gum. You remove the plastic, place it over the nail, wet it and then remove the paper and voila! Cute Cat picture on your nails! They are so quick and easy to use. Why needs a hundred nail art tools when you have instant stickers!

I mean, just look at that lil face! I just wanna smush his cute lil facie wacie! Yesh I do! Yesh I do wanna smuch his lil facie wacie!


If you want to try these cute cat decals then you can get them here and you can use this code to get 10% off all full price items on BornPrettyStore.com.



Thanks for looking! Hope you liked the cat as much as I did! :)



Essence Iced Latte

Hi :)

Today I have on one of the prettiest nudes ever. It’s so clean and fresh!

I maniacally searched every Essence display in the County to find it after I saw a swatch of it on MUA. It’s been a solid favourite since. It’s perfect for all those adult events, like interviews, where I can’t wear an inch of neon glitter on my nails! :)

What do you think? Do you like nude polish?

Essence Iced Latte:

367 Essence Iced Latte


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel :)

Wet n Wild 2% Milk

Hi :)

This is my third time in a row to wear this polish, I just keep taking it off and then putting it back on again!

I love it so much!

If, like me, you struggle to find the perfect nude polish, if you can never achieve the fabled “Mannequin Hands”, if you want to look like you are not wearing nail polish, but simply have beautiful healthy shiny nails, then this is the one for you! I implore you! Buy this! Buy it now! *Hypnotoad says buy this now*

It’s a nude polish but it has just a hint of pink, not enough to mistake it for a pink polish, but just enough so that your hands look like they belong to a real human. (Zombie hands is something I get with most nudes, but I prefer them to look human, don’t you?)

If you wear it with just one or two coats you get the “my nails but better” look, but I used four coats because I wanted an opaque background for my neon glitter.

Bornprettystore.com sent me this glitter as a free sample. It is eye-searingly bright. It’s the most neon of all things neon! I love it of course!

What’s not to love?

Glitter? Check!

Round? Check!

NEON? Check!

Plus it only costs E1.67 and if you use my discount code, AZHW10, then it’s only E1.50 and they deliver worldwide for free. So for the change in your purse will can buy a tiny pot of happiness! :D

Wet n Wild 2% Milk:

340.1 Wet n Wild 2% Milk


Wet n Wild 2% Milk and bornprettystore neon glitter:

340.2 Wet n Wild 2% Milk and BPS Glitter

Tiny pot of happiness! :D (This is it’s real colour! It’s that colour! It’s the brightest thing I’ve ever owned!)

340.4 BPS Glitter


Thanks for looking!



-Eleobel <3

Maybelline Nearly Black (Crystallize)

Hi :)

I tried this negative space mani for my Anti-Valentines day nails and was really surprised by how much I liked the look. (I thought I’d hate showing part of my naked nail, #NeverNude). So I wanted to try it again!

I used this black texture polish so that I could apply one coat and remove the tape straight away and still have full coverage. I actually used these Seche French Mani Guides, they are the best I’ve ever tried, they give a clean line every time and leave no horrible sticky residue behind.

I used Wet n Wild 2% Milk as my base again and then I placed the Seche french mani guides and then used one thick coat of Nearly Black and removed the guides immediately. Voila!

Maybelline Nearly Black (Crystallize):

454.1 Maybelline Nearly Black (Crystallize)


Thanks for looking! :D



Wet n Wild Party of Five Glitters

Hi :)

I love this glitter! It’s so colourful and sooo reflective – it really is a party in a bottle. I’m definitely going to recreate this mani for my B-day. :)

I first used two coats of NYC Carrie’d Away as a nude base and then simply painted one coat of glitter the usual way, then the second coat I started about a third of the way down the nail and for the last coat I just painted the bottom third of my nail. The end result is a graduated look.

The glitter looks like it’s falling down my nails! *Squee* It’s so cute!

Plus, it was so easy to do! (It’s the same method I used for my syrup mani.)

I hope you like it and I urge you to try it, it’s so easy to do and it gives a great effect! :)

Wet n Wild Party of Five Glitters (over NYC Carrie’d Away):

440.1 Wet n Wild Party of Five Glitters and NYC Carrie'd Away

Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

Rimmel Moon Walking (Space Dust Collection)

Hi :)

I went absolutely ga-ga over the Rimmel Space Dust Collection. I bought the only two I could find and they both quickly became my favourite silver and nude polishes. They are the best textures ever because they are sparkly and matte at the same time, very pigmented and they look texturised but never snag on anything.

When I came across the entire Space Dust collection in a pound shop, I bought them all, including a spare silver and nude!

This purple Space Dust is called Moon Walking and it has a much richer colour than you see in the bottle and tiny purple glitter that catches alll the light, and larger hex glitter for extra sparkle. I absolutely loved it and didn’t make the mistake of adding anything to it! :)

Rimmel Moon Walking:

432 Rimmel Moon Walking (Space Dust)


In case you missed my previous posts about the Space Dust collection; here’s the nude one, Aurora:







240.1 Rimmel Aurora (EN)


and the silver one, called Shooting Star, as an accent to Essence The Boy Next Door:

202.11 Essence The Boy Next Door and Rimmel Shooting Star (EN)


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel :)

Essence My Sweet Escape

Hi everyone :)

This is one of Essence’s Thermo Effect nail polishes and these polishes change colour!

When my hands are warm, this polish is peach and when they’re cold it turns nude! This was really funny to me because in work my nails were nude because it’s freezing there and at home they were peach. :)

The formula was great, I’ve tried thermo polishes before and they chipped like crazy almost immediately so I was very impressed with this one and the price is unbeatable.

I highly recommend you try these thermo effect polishes just for the fun of watching the colour change when you wash your hands, or go into work! :)

I dipped my hands in cold water to show you the polish colour change below.

Essence My Sweet Escape

396.1 Essence My Sweet Escape (Thermo Effect)396.2 Essence My Sweet Escape (Thermo Effect)396.3 Essence My Sweet Escape (Thermo Effect)396.4 Essence My Sweet Escape (Thermo Effect)


Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoyed this polish as much as I did.



Essence On the Road Again (Asphalt Effect)

Hi everyone! :)

I wasn’t keen on the beige colour of this polish to begin with, I only bought it to find out what Asphalt Effect meant, but I really liked it on. It looked clean and neutral. It also had a scattering of copper glitter and glitter makes everything better. :)

The Asphalt Effect was a mild texture finish that I also liked. It was subtle enough that someone standing a few feet away wouldn’t realise you had a texture on, but gave enough of an effect that you could feel that you weren’t wearing just another nail polish.

This is two coats and no topcoat. The Essence formula was effortless as always.

Essence On the Road Again

397 Essence On the Road Again (Asphalt Effect)

Thanks for looking!


What do you guys think of the texture trend?


– Eleobel <3



Ciate Kiss Chase and Ciate Cookies and Cream

Hi guys! :D

With the July issue of Marie Claire, they gave away free mini Ciate caviar beads/nail polish sets and I bought the pink one! I like Ciate nail polish but I can’t support a company that treats nail bloggers sooo poorly. (You’ll have to Google it for the full story).

So I can’t buy the polishes because I have to stick with my blogger girls and, ya know, morals.


They gave these sets away free so I’m not supporting the company…technically….well…look pretty nails!

*Preforms a nail wiggling dance to distract you from the moral greyness*

I decided at the last minute to ditch the caviar beads, because my cat ends up eating them all from the floor where they eventually end up, and instead went for a Pinterest style mani a.k.a. a pretty polish with a blingy accent :)

I used two coats of Ciate Kiss Chase, a very pretty shade of pink with a great formula and then painted my ring finger with Rimmel Precious Metal but the silver polish wasn’t as shiny as Nails Inc South Kensington so I added some no name holographic/silver glitter over it.

Ciate Kiss Chase

362.1 Ciate Kiss Chase (free with marie claire july)and Rimmel Precious Metal and Glitter


This wasn’t my first free mini Ciate nail polish/caviar bead set; here’s one I prepared earlier!

This is Ciate Cookies and Cream and the Caviar beads are called Shooting Star. (This is a June 2012 mani from my archives ((Archives is my fancy term for flickr)) and also my favourite nude polish evvvaaar! :)

129 Ciate Cookies and Cream and Caviar Pearls Shooting Star


Thanks for looking! Hope you like these manis :)


-Eleobel <3


Rimmel Aurora (Space Dust Collection)


Hi Everyone! :)

Today I’m wearing Rimmel Aurora, one of the polishes from the Space Dust collection. I already posted about the silver polish from this collection, Shooting Star, and how it’s now my favourite silver glitter/texture of all time. I seriously love this polish too. This is my all time top favourite nude from now on. It’s amazing to have two favourites from one collection, great job on this one Rimmel!

This is a nude texture polish with fine and larger silver glitter. I didn’t manage to capture how beautiful this one is in these pics, but let me tell you the colour is perfect. I thought it really suited my skintone (which is really hard to do with nudes).

The silver glitter was really sparkly which I loved! (Have I ever mentioned that I love sparkly glitter? :p) I love the contrast between the matte nude and the sparkly glitter. The small silver glitter lay in between the bits of raised texture and glittered away and the larger glitter lay on top of the texture and they really sparkled. It was a really lovely effect.

I’m annoyed I couldn’t capture how pretty it is on camera but here are my pics anyway :)


Rimmel Aurora

240.1 Rimmel Aurora (EN)


Here’s the bottle, I thought I’d get a better pic of how pretty it is in the bottle but no luck. You’ll just have to take my word for it and try this one yourself to see how nice it is :)

240.2 Rimmel Aurora (EN)


Thanks for looking! :)


– Eleobel <3