OPI A Roll in the Hague, Sinful Colors Envy and Snow Me White and Essie Licorice

Hi everyone!

Happy St Patrick’s Day! :D

(These were my nails for the big day, and this was supposed to be posted on time, but I had technical issues)

(And no, I don’t mean I had too much green beer! :)

You are looking at the Irish Flag on my ring finger and little Guinnesses on my other fingers. Which, I thought, was the perfect representation of the day itself!

I used Essie Licorice (black), Sinful Colors Snow Me White (white), Sinful Colors Envy (green) and OPI A Roll in the Hague (gold).

Hope you all had a great day! Leprechauns for everyone!

345.1 Essie Licorice SC Snow Me White, Envy and OPI A Roll in the Hague

I had to take a pic of the Irish Flag polishes too – I was feeling very patriotic! :)

345.2 Sinful Colors Envy, Snow Me White and OPI A Roll in the Hague


I also wanted to show you the little shamrock earrings I ordered from BornPrettyStore.com. They had a St Patrick’s Day sale and what kind of an Irish girl on St Patrick’s Day would I be without shamrock earrings!? I couldn’t resist! They are too friggin cute!

They roped me in with their free samples and 10% off coupon code and now I can’t stop buying things off them! *Shakes fist in anger but then stops to admire tiny cheap earrings* :D

Last thing! I took part in the #NailLinkUp this month! Twice! It’s a really great idea run by a bunch of great bloggers – here are the details for this month and go to any of the bloggers listed below for more deets :)

and here are all the links to the bloggers that took part in the St Patrick’s Day challenge :D

Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel <3

OPI I Think in Pink, Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Essence Pixie Dust

Hi :)

I was pressed for time to do my nails this week but wanted to use Essence Pixie Dust in some way and ended up with this quick and easy funky french.

I used two coats of I Think in Pink, added white tips with a sponge and put Pixie Dust just over the white tips. I wanted to be able to see the glassfleck in Pixie Dust but didn’t want to hide the squishy finish of I Think in Pink. That’s it. Quick and easy.

Let me know what you think :)

(Oh! and I’m still wearing the free sample Jamberry Nails Black and White Stripe nail wrap on my pinkie. I’m wearing it for a week so see how it holds up. So far, I’m really impressed!)

OPI I Think in Pink, Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Essence Pixie Dust:

342 OPI I Think in Pink Sinful Colors Snow Me White Essence Pixie Dust

Thanks for looking! :)

-Eleobel <3

OPI Sprung

Hi everyone :)

This little beauty almost got away, but I threw a bag over it’s head and dragged it home! Muhahaha!

I went to TK Maxx to hunt for nail polish and just as I went to pick it up, another girl got to it first! She carried it around the shop for ages and I kept seeing her looking at it and putting it down and picking it back up, and finally she went back to the nail polish shelf and left it down and I saw it!

It looked so small and alone and rejected! So I nabbed it!

It was all worth it because she’s a beauty!

Sprung is a bronze nail polish with lots of gold glassfleck that makes it look like it’s on fire, especially in the sun. I was so happy that the other girl decided she didn’t want it. :)

This is two coats and the usual Essie Good To Go topcoat. The formula was a breeze.

OPI Sprung

404 OPI Sprung (EN)

Thanks for looking!



OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

Hi everyone :)

I cannot explain to you how much I wanted this nail polish, and for how long, before I finally shelled out FULL PRICE for it. I tried every discount shop and nail polish sale with no luck and I couldn’t wait any longer.

Of course once I bought it I had to wait a bit longer to wear it, with a polish as beautiful as this, you need a special occasion. A reason to pull out the weighty bottle, beautifully emblazoned with the letters, O,P and I.

And after all this, did I remember to take a million pictures in the best light with my camera? I did not! I took this one terrible picture with my phone and then completely forgot all about it! Ack.

Here it is, my one measly picture of the most longed for nail polish ever!

OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

395 OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

OPI Russian Navy

Hi :)

I don’t know about you guys, but I buy particular shades of polish over and over again because I love the colour.  Inky blue is by far a favourite. This OPI was an inky blue polish that I wanted to get my hands on for a long time. However, I was very disappointed when I finally did get it recently.

In the bottle is has the most beautiful vibrant pink and blue shimmer, that jumps out at you from the dark navy base. When applied to the nails, though, the navy blue base becomes dull and boring. The shimmer is visable in artificial light, (the brighter the better), but it’s still not quite as vibrant as I had expected.

Nail polish looking nicer in the bottle than on the nail is a common problem with cheaper polishes but because OPI is such a high quality brand, I didn’t think I would have this problem. All my other OPIs are nicer on the nail than in the bottle. I didn’t like this one at all, I didn’t even try to make it better with glitter. (That’s how you know I’m serious! Didn’t even add glitter!) I just took it off.

I am disappoint.

OPI Russian Navy

353 OPI Russian Navy 01

Thanks for looking :)


-Eleobel <3


OPI A Roll In The Hague

Hi Everyone :)

Today I’m wearing OPI A Roll In The Hague. It’s a very rich, deep,  burnt orange colour. I really liked this on it’s own and didn’t want to ruin it with my usual, throw everything except the kitchen sick on them, nails. So I didn’t add anything to it. Some polishes deserve to just be worn alone and given your full attention. This is one of them.

This one coat of Millionails, three coats of the OPI and then two coats of topcoat. (I had sheet marks after the first coat of Essence Gel Look, so I added a second coat of half Seche Vite/half NYC Grand Central Station, to disguise them).

221 OPI A Roll In The Hague


What do you think of OPI nail polish?

Thanks for looking! :)


– Eleobel

OPI I Think In Pink and Barry M Princess

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing another Barry M texture effect nail polish called Princess. I have to say this polish is amazing. It’s so sparkly. This one is a pink, matte texture with loads of gold flakes and silver glitter. The gold glow from the flakes makes it the prettiest pink ever.

I paired it with this OPI, called I Think in Pink, because it matched the colour of the pink in the texture polish perfectly. The OPI is a jelly formula so I used three coats here, but if you wanted a less intense colour, you could use one or two coats.

195.1 OPI I Think In Pink and Barry M Princess (EN) 00

I want to show you the bottles too, because you can see how the Barry M is jam packed with gold flakes and silver glitter.

Isn’t it pretty? :)

195.3 OPI I Think In Pink and Barry M Princess (EN) 00

I have to include this pic too :)

195.4 Paw Of The Day (EN) 00

My little kitten jumped up to investigate what I was doing and I had to take a pic of her little paw.

Thanks for looking! :)