Wet n Wild

Hi :)

This is bright orange nail polish with lots of gold glassfleck. It glows! It’s so bright and Summery, it’ll cheer anyone up. (Even me!) I kept thinking it looked like a…


442.1 Wet n Wild



442.2 Wet n Wild

and gems because…gems. :D

442.3 Wet n Wild

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Essence My Sweet Escape

Hi everyone :)

This is one of Essence’s Thermo Effect nail polishes and these polishes change colour!

When my hands are warm, this polish is peach and when they’re cold it turns nude! This was really funny to me because in work my nails were nude because it’s freezing there and at home they were peach. :)

The formula was great, I’ve tried thermo polishes before and they chipped like crazy almost immediately so I was very impressed with this one and the price is unbeatable.

I highly recommend you try these thermo effect polishes just for the fun of watching the colour change when you wash your hands, or go into work! :)

I dipped my hands in cold water to show you the polish colour change below.

Essence My Sweet Escape

396.1 Essence My Sweet Escape (Thermo Effect)396.2 Essence My Sweet Escape (Thermo Effect)396.3 Essence My Sweet Escape (Thermo Effect)396.4 Essence My Sweet Escape (Thermo Effect)


Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoyed this polish as much as I did.



The New Black Gold Grenade

Hi everyone!

I’ve posted about The New Black twice before and absolutely raved about how great they are and this time is no exception.

The formula is perfection.

The brush is perfection.

The colour is perfection!


I have never loved a brand more! I really recommend these polishes.

This is a beautiful coral colour with gold shimmer. When I wore it during the summer, I had a slight tan and it looked so pretty. The gold shimmer glowed in the sun. This is two coats and I used Essie Good To Go topcoat.

The New Black Gold Grenade

367 The New Black Gold Grenade

The other two polishes I tried are Pink Flamingo and Red Handed if you’d like to check them out too. :)


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

P.S. Love… (Primark/Penny’s Nail Polish)


Hi Everyone!

Today I have a great neon orange nail polish that I bought for about e1.50 in Penny’s (that’s Primark to you English girls :). I lovve neon nail polish and the brighter they are the better. A woman actually stopped what she was doing to stare at this polish and when I looked at her she said, “oh..erm…your nails are very eye catching!”. Lol. Neon isn’t for everyone.

Anyway, it was super cheap. The formula was managable, no complaints but I’ve had better. My other Primark nail polishes have a strong smell and I was expecting the same with this one but it wasn’t as strong. It doesn’t smell nice but I’d definitely put up with it for a lovely colour like this and the smell disappears when you add topcoat. All in all, it was definitely worth the small price tag and I’ve already gone back and bought another one.

This is three coats because I dinged one nail and needed to add another coat to cover it up and then had to paint all of them! :) Oh and it doesn’t have a name, P.S. Love.. is all that’s on the box.

P.S. Love…

242.1 P.S. Love... No Name (Primark) 01

It comes in a lovely little box too, I mean really! For one euro fifty! I love Penny’s.

242.2 P.S. Love... No Name (Primark) 01


Do you wear neon nail polish or is it too “eye catching”? :)


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

Sinful Colors Oh Lala and Maybelline Foil Flash (Brocades)

Hi Everyone!

Maybelline Foil Flash is part of the Brocades collection and is a fine silver glitter with larger silver glitter pieces in it too. The fine silver glitter has a yellow/gold flash in some light so I wanted to pair it with this orange Sinful Colors, called Oh Lala. I thought the yellow/gold flash might look nice with the hot orange.

I also wanted to try something different, I’ve been doing alot of accent nails and wanted to use two polishes but in another way. I used striping tape to tape off the corner of each nail and then painted the Maybelline on just one corner. The lines are a bit crooked but I still liked the overall effect. I think in future I’d try this look with a smoother glitter or a creme to get a crisper line but I liked both polishes together so I’m happy with it.


235.2 Sinful Colors Oh Lala and Maybelline Foil FlashJPG

235.1 Sinful Colors Oh Lala and Maybelline Foil FlashJPG


Thanks for looking! :)



Sinful Colors Boogie Nights and Rimmel Rocking Royal

Hi Everyone :)

I put on Sinful Colors Boogie Nights today and it the prettiest shade of apricot but I didn’t realise it was a jelly formula. I love and hate jelly nail polishes because they are really squishy and shiny, which I love, but they are also sheer, which I hate, because you can see the nail line through them.

I really liked the colour, so I didn’t want to take it off, but I did want to cover my nail line so I decided to pull out an old favourite – crackle polish! This one is a lovely deep navy colour, called Rimmel Rocking Royal, and I thought the dark colour over the light apricot would be a good contrast.

What do you think?

232 Sinful Colors Boogie Nights and Rimmel Rocking Royal (EN)

Thanks for looking :)


– Eleobel <3

OPI A Roll In The Hague

Hi Everyone :)

Today I’m wearing OPI A Roll In The Hague. It’s a very rich, deep,  burnt orange colour. I really liked this on it’s own and didn’t want to ruin it with my usual, throw everything except the kitchen sick on them, nails. So I didn’t add anything to it. Some polishes deserve to just be worn alone and given your full attention. This is one of them.

This one coat of Millionails, three coats of the OPI and then two coats of topcoat. (I had sheet marks after the first coat of Essence Gel Look, so I added a second coat of half Seche Vite/half NYC Grand Central Station, to disguise them).

221 OPI A Roll In The Hague


What do you think of OPI nail polish?

Thanks for looking! :)


– Eleobel