Orly Beach Cruiser and Born Pretty Store Neon Pink Glitter

Hi :)

Now that we finally have some sunshine here, I want to wear neon! I love neon nails, they look so vivid in the sun. Do you wear neon in the Summer? I get a lot of comments when I wear neon, not all of it positive! (So rude!)

I put on two coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White, the best white nail polish I have ever used, then put striping tape down the middle of my nail and added a thick coat of Orly Beach Cruiser on one side.

Beach Cruiser photographed a bit darker than it is in person but it’s so difficult to capture neon, especially in the Sun. The camera reacts like my cat when I’m trying to give it medicine, “No! NO! NO!“.

Then I added some round neon pink glitter from BornPrettyStore.com. The glitter is 1.68 euro and they do free worldwide shipping AND this code will get you a further 10% off, which makes it a bargain in any language! :)



Orly Beach Cruiser, Sinful Colors Snow Me White and BornPrettyStore Neon Pink Glitter:

358.1 Orly Beach Cruiser Sinful Colors Snow Me White BPS Glitter




Hope you’re enjoying the Sun wherever you are :)

Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel <3

Wet n Wild Disturbia and Orly Luxe

Hi :)

After my success copying the Jessica Biel mani, I wanted to try some more nail art. I was on a high and success breeds confidence! However, I’m not very skilled at art or very creative so I went to the always impressive The Nailasaurus for inspiration and saw this.

The Nailasaurus created this look by hand drawing the gold lines, but that’s way out of my league, so I thought I might recreate it with striping tape.

It wasn’t a huge success but overall I thought it was cool looking (from a distance). It turned out to be the same, general, kind of look? Similar? Well at least I tried! :D

I used Wet n Wild Disturbia which is an almost black nail polish with beautiful purple shimmer, (that doesn’t translate to the nails), and Orly Luxe, the best gold nail polish on record. (My record, in my head.)

Wet n Wild Disturbia and Orly Luxe

418.1 Wet n Wild Disturbia and Orly Luxe



Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel :)

Orly Sparkling Garbage

Happy New Year Everyone!

Let’s start the year off right with one of the best nail polishes ever! I bought this because of all the hype about it on other blogs. I don’t really like green and I didn’t see what was so special about it. Until I wore it, that is, and then my brain melted from staring at all the sparkles! Believe the hype! :)

It’s a green jelly with lots and lots of strong holographic glitter. It’s a great formula and was perfectly smooth after only one layer of topcoat. It really is worth picking up if you see it.

This polish is amazing!


Orly Sparkling Garbage

408.1 Orly Sparkling Garbage


Oh? What’s that? You don’t see what all the fuss is about?



THIS is what all the fuss is about! *Hallelujah*

408.2 Orly Sparkling Garbage


Hope you have a great 2015!


-Eleobel <3

Orly Choreographed Chaos

Hi everyone :)

I am absolutely in love with this polish and it’s the perfect remedy to dank weather! It’s a super hot Barbie pink with blue shimmer.

The formula was a little bit hard to work with because the finish was a little matte and dried quickly, so it dragged a bit. I really wanted a smooth surface to show off the blue shimmer and it got a little lost in the bald spots. However, if I had worked faster or used thinner coats, this wouldn’t have been a problem.

The amazing colour far outweighs the minor formula problem – look how bright! :)


Orly Choreographed Chaos

403.1 Orly Choreographed Chaos


Thanks for looking :)


– Eleobel <3

Orly Luxe

Hi everyone :)

I love it when magazines give away free nail polish! I love it so much! With Octobers issue of Cosmo, they gave away free mini Orly polishes and I chose Luxe, a huge lemming of mine for ages! It’s supposed to be the very best gold polish ever and I think it may be! Judge for yourself :)

I used two coats and my usual Essie Good To Go topcoat and the formula was perfect.

All Orly’s have great formulas and wear time.

Orly Luxe

399.1 Orly Luxe

The teeny bottle

399.2 Orly Luxe

and a bonus pic of the polish outside in the sun :)

(I finally read Gone Girl and OMG! It is the best book ever! Highly recommend it! You will not see anything coming!)

399.3 Orly Luxe


Thanks for looking! :)


-Eleobel <3

Maybelline Ocean Blue and Orly Sparkle Soaked


Hi everyone! :)

Today’s mani is blue, blue and some more blue! I used Maybelline’s gorgeous glassfleck, called Ocean Blue, as the base and, as always, I wanted more bling; so I added some Orly Sparkle Soaked glitter to my ring finger and thumb.

The formulas of both polishes were perfect. No problems.

I used two coats of the Maybelline and I dabbed on some of the Orly, trying to achieve a lazy gradient effect, and it still applied perfectly. This mani was really simple to do but I loved the result. (If I do say so myself!)

Both polishes have a realllllyyy subtle, realllly tiny pink/purple glassfleck effect and it’s pretty up close. If you look realllllyy closely at my ring finger you can see it :)

I used Essie Good To Go topcoat! :)


Maybelline Ocean Blue and Orly Sparkle Soaked

364 Maybelline Ocean Blue and Orly Sparkle Soaked



I’d love to hear if you guys have any polishing shortcuts? (Like dabbing the glitter on towards the end of the nail with the brush to make it look like a gradient instead of using a sponge.)


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

Rimmel Purple Reign and Orly Ridiculously Regal :)


This is Rimmel Purple Reign. It’s one of the polishes from the Metal Rush collection. I realllly wanted all of these when they came out first but held off buying them because I wasn’t sure if the duochrome effect would be as strong on the nail as it is in the bottle. I’m glad I waited because I ended up buying this one for E1.49 in Dealz, bargain! :)

I posted about my other Rimmel Metal Rush polish, Royal Blue, here.

This polish I loved! It’s a red/purple/pink all at once. The duochrome effect is weak and so it looks like all of these colours at the same time and I loved the effect. I used two coats and the formula was fine.

I added this purple-y glitter from Orly, called Ridiculously Regal, on my ring finger because it matched the colour of the polish when it was at a certain angle and I love matchy-matchy nails right now. :)

The whole thing is topped off with a coat of Essie Good To Go.


Rimmel Purple Reign and Orly Ridiculously Regal

361 Rimmel Purple Reign and Orly Ridiculously Regal


I hope you like this mani!


I also want to say thank you to Ting, Katherine and TheLizzer and all of you who comment and support this blog. Thank you! :D


– Eleobel <3


Rimmel Baby Bellini and Orly Can’t Be Tamed

Hi Everyone :)

Today I’m wearing Rimmel Baby Bellini, one of the Cocktail Colours collection and Orly Can’t Be Tamed, which has purple medium glitter and gunmetal smaller glitter in a clear base.

The Rimmel is a very pretty purple with a glassfleck finish, so it shimmers and catches the light. This finish makes it just different enough from a regular purple creme  that it warrents a look but it’s still fairly subtle. I wanted to add more sparkle. ALWAYS more! :) So I added the Orly, in real life the two are a similar colour and went together well, but did not photograph accurately.

Here’s the Rimmel on it’s own:

237.2 Rimmel Baby Bellini

Here’s the Orly over the Rimmel.

237.3 Orly Can't Be Tamed and Rimmel Baby Bellini

The lovely bottles :)

237.1 Orly Can't Be Tamed and Rimmel Baby Bellini

Do you like adding glitter over the same colour base or do you think they should clash? I’m loving adding glitter over a polish when they are the same colour at the minute :)


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

Orly Passion Fruit and Barry M Liquorice

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing a really fun mani. A fab neon pink, Orly Passion Fruit, and a black and white bar glitter, Barry M Liquorice. In my pics, the neon pink looks a bit red but in real life it’s completely pink. The bar glitter has a matte, satin finish to it that is really interesting. Usually I want my glitters to sparkle as much as possible, but here I really like the shape and colour combo of the black and white.

I didn’t want to cover the neon completely, so I only added Barry M Liquorice on my middle and pinkie fingers. Then my other fingers looked a bit lonely so I glued some studs on them. :)

196.1 Orly Passion Fruit and Barry M Liquorice (EN)

Here’s a pic of the bottles, just because I think they look pretty. :)

196.2 Orly Passion Fruit and Barry M Liquorice (EN)

I hope you liked this mani. Thanks for looking! :)

Orly Naughty and Essence Gold Leaf

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

I wanted to start this year off with one of my New Year’s resolutions – to have my own blog!

So welcome to my very first post! I hope you enjoy.

This is Orly Naughty which is a fabulous vampy red. I used two coats and I wanted to add something to make it a bit more special for the Holidays so I added some gold leaf that came in an Essence nail art kit. Finally, I topped it off with Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat. Unfortunately the topcoat dulled the shine of the gold leaf and caused the nail polish to run a bit but I still liked the overall look.

190.1 Orly Naughty and Essence Gold Leaf

I suspected the gold leaf would dull when I added topcoat so on my other hand I used some gold shards, which were also in the Essence nail art kit.

190.2 Orly Naughty and Essence Gold Shards

This turned out much better. I liked this combo a lot! The gold shards really caught the light and I though they were a nice contrast to the vampy red. I thought of it as grown up bling :)

Thanks for looking!