Nails Inc You’re a Peach and BornPrettyStore Daisys! :)

Hi! :)

These nails were supposed to be for the April #NailLinkUp, but I’m a little late posting them!

When I saw the theme Spring Flowers, I actually squeeled, because BornPrettyStore sent me these gorgeous little 3D Daisy’s to review and I couldn’t wait to try them and how perfectly do they fit the theme?! (I know, I know, I get way too excited about nails!)

The daisy’s are made of a kind of soft, rubber material, so they are really nice to use. They’re also really cute! They come in all kinds of lovely colours and are $1.99 for two. If you use my discount code below then they’re even cheaper and don’t forget they do free worldwide delivery! (Do I sound like an infomercial? I just love these flingin’ flanin’ things so much! :)

The polish is a free Nails Inc that came with the June 2013 edition of InStyle, called You’re a Peach. It’s a pretty pastel colour and the formula is ok, but not as good as real Nails Inc polishes. (I swear the free ones are different!)

Nails Inc You’re a Peach and 3D Daisy’s:

365 Nails Inc You're a Peach and BPS Daisy (EN)


Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel :)

Barry M Prickly Pear, Essence Cinderella The Glass Slipper and pastel studs

Hi :)

One of the free samples Bornprettystore sent me was this fab little pot of different size studs. The colours are so pretty, they’re a mix of neon and pastel. I thought when I saw them on the website that they were all neon, but when I got them and saw that half of them were pastel, I knew I had to do a look for the #NAILLINKUP. (Click the image to go to CraftyNail’s website where you can find out more :)


I used Barry M Prickly Pear, one of the Gelly polishes, and the new Essence Cinderella glitter topper called The Glass Slipper.

The Essence is jam packed with pink/purple glassfleck and silver glitter and it’s soo freakin pretty. In the bottle the polish looks green too but that doesn’t show up on the nail.

Then I added a few of the pastel pink studs at the cuticle. I love adding one stud to the top of the nail, it’s so simple but completely changes the entire look.

Barry M Prickly Pear, Essence The Glass Slipper (Cinderella) and Bornprettystore studs:

354.1 Barry M Prickly Pear, Essence The Glass Slipper and BPS Studs


The bottles and some of the studs:


354.2 Barry M Prickly Pear, Essence The Glass Slipper and BPS Studs


When you look into the bottle you can see this green light, it’s so pretty :)


354.3 Essence The Glass Slipper


If you’re going to order anything from Bornprettystore then you can use this code to get 10% off :)









Thanks for looking! Have a Happy Easter :)

-Eleobel <3



Rimmel Candyfloss Cutie, Blueberry Whizz and Sherbet Sweetheart


I have a love/hate relationship with Rimmel. They either knock it out of the park or they fail miserably. There is no middle ground. In this case, they surprised me by knocking it out of the park!

I walked passed this collection numerous times, I even left them behind when they were heavily discounted on a chemist counter and I ignored them completely when I saw them online. They just look so unimpressive in the bottle, like a weird lumpy, pearl finish pastel. Who wants that?

However, my dear and lovely Mammy brought me home these three when she saw them and though they were nice. Thanks Mammy! I’m so glad she did because I love them.

It turns out that the Sweetie Crush collection are a set of pastel texture polishes with lovely shimmer, and in the case of the yellow one, with lovely glitter.

They are so pretty and delicate that I had to wear all three together.

Rimmel Candyfloss Cutie (pink), Blueberry Whizz (blue), and Sherbet Sweetheart (yellow):

417.1 Rimmel Candyfloss Cutie Blueberry Whizz and Sherbet Sweetheart


The deceptive bottles:

417.2 Rimmel Sweetie Crush

Paw of the Day!

417.3 Paw of the Day


Thanks Mammy! Where would I be without you?


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

Essence Pink & Proud

Hi everyone!

Today I have a cheap and cheerful mani to show you. It’s a fabulous pastel purple metallic polish from Essence and it was perfection. The formula was great and the shine was to die for! I wiggled my fingers all day with this one :)

If you haven’t tried Essence nail polish then you really must, they are so cheap and they deliver perfect results every time.

Essence Pink & Proud

393.1 Essence Pink&Proud 393.2 Essence Pink&Proud


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

Barry M Prickly Pear and L’Oreal Sequin Explosion

Hi Everyone!

Today I have another girly mani. Prickly Pear is a beautiful pastel purple polish but, unfortunately, it looks a bit washed out on me. I keep buying pastel purple polishes, hoping to find one that suits my skin tone, but it hasn’t happened yet. I was very excited to try Sequin Explosion because it’s pastel glitter and that is something I haven’t seen and I thought it was really pretty.

197.1 Barry M Prickly Pear and L'Oreal Sequin Explosion (EN)

I hope you liked it. Thanks for looking! :)