P.S. Love… (Primark/Penny’s Nail Polish)


Hi Everyone!

Today I have a great neon orange nail polish that I bought for about e1.50 in Penny’s (that’s Primark to you English girls :). I lovve neon nail polish and the brighter they are the better. A woman actually stopped what she was doing to stare at this polish and when I looked at her she said, “oh..erm…your nails are very eye catching!”. Lol. Neon isn’t for everyone.

Anyway, it was super cheap. The formula was managable, no complaints but I’ve had better. My other Primark nail polishes have a strong smell and I was expecting the same with this one but it wasn’t as strong. It doesn’t smell nice but I’d definitely put up with it for a lovely colour like this and the smell disappears when you add topcoat. All in all, it was definitely worth the small price tag and I’ve already gone back and bought another one.

This is three coats because I dinged one nail and needed to add another coat to cover it up and then had to paint all of them! :) Oh and it doesn’t have a name, P.S. Love.. is all that’s on the box.

P.S. Love…

242.1 P.S. Love... No Name (Primark) 01

It comes in a lovely little box too, I mean really! For one euro fifty! I love Penny’s.

242.2 P.S. Love... No Name (Primark) 01


Do you wear neon nail polish or is it too “eye catching”? :)


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3