Revlon Ruby Ribbon (Matte Suede)

Hi :)

Revlon Ruby Ribbon is a deep raspberry colour matte finish nail polish with delicate white shimmer. I used three coats to make it a bit darker but it only barely needed two coats – which would have given a lighter more raspberry colour than pictured here.

It was gorgeous, and although I love matte/textured polishes on their own and rarely topcoat them, I wanted to do something to this polish just because I’m trying to experiment with nail art. So I added topcoat to the tips.

However, the shiny tips didn’t stand out or look good! So then I topcoated the whole thing and tried to distract from the fact that I made a pretty polish less so by adding triangle studs and some striping tape.

Judge the results for yourself! :)

Revlon Ruby Ribbon (Matte Suede):

435.1 Revlon Ruby Ribbon (Matte Suede)

Topcoat on the tips:

435.2 Revlon Ruby Ribbon (Matte Suede)

Topcoat on everything! Triangle studs and gold striping tape:

435.3 Revlon Ruby Ribbon (Matte Suede)

I should have just left this one alone! I loved it matte to begin with!

Do you prefer matte or shiny nail polish?

Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel :)

Revlon Gold Coin and Barry M Starlight

Hi :)

Sparkles! I love sparkles! I’m a fully grown woman and I love sparkles and that is why this topcoat is absolute heaven for me.

This mani is two coats of Revlon Gold Coin, a really magnificent metallic gold that has replaced Orly Luxe as the best gold nail polish on record! It has a perfect formula; it’s streak free and applies like…well..liquid gold! It’s so utterly reflective that I want to paint it on everything! King Midas would paint his nails with this polish.

On top of that I applied one, ONE, one single coat of Barry M Starlight. It’s so jam packed full of glitter that I had to put some back into the bottle! Madness! It’s the most holographic, colourful, sparkliest, glitteriest nail polish EVER! I squeeled out loud when I put this on. (Again, I swear, I’m grown).

Starlight is a Christmas limited edition, Boots exclusive, nail polish and of all of the recommendations I’ve ever given, this is number one! If you see this GRAB IT! Grab it and run and don’t look back!*

Revlon Gold Coin and Barry M Starlight

420.2 Revlon Gold Coin and Barry M Starlight

The bottles:

420.3 Revlon Gold Coin and Barry M Starlight

Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel :)


*Disclaimer: Don’t grab it and run, this is thievery!

Revlon Powder Puff (Matte Suede)

Hi :)

I found my wedding nail polish!

Oh, what’s that you ask? Am I engaged? Why no, I’m not.

Do I have a boyfriend then? Well.. no. BUT I have my wedding nails sorted! Yaaaay! :D

Revlon Powder Puff is a gorgeous sheer white polish with very subtle, yet noticeable, blue shimmer and the thing that make it absolutely perfect? It’s matte!

It looks so natural and pretty on and the blue shimmer could be the something blue you have to have when you get married. (Yes, still totally single, but a girl can dream! and in that dream, I’m wearing this nail polish!)

As it’s sheer, you can still see the nail line, which I usually hate, but because the polish is white, the nail line just looks whiter, so it’s a very subtle french mani sort of effect.

Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!

Revlon Powder Puff (Matte Suede):

419.1 Revlon Powder Puff (Matte Suede)


The bottle and that amazing blue shimmer:

419.2 Revlon Powder Puff (Matte Suede)



Paw of the Day:

419.3 POTD!

Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel :)

Deborah Lippman Bad Romance and Revlon Facets of Fuchsia

Hi Everyone :)

After I posted my Anti-Valentines mani (Deborah Lippman Bad Romance) on Friday, the lovely gingerlovesmakeup reminded me that Revlon Facets of Fuchsia is a dupe (duplicate). So I thought a side by side comparison/review was a good idea.

Here they both are in the bottle:

The black base of Bad Romance is slightly darker and it has a bit more glitter. Otherwise they look pretty similar right?

209.2 Deborah Lippman Bad Romance and Revlon Facets Of Fuchsia 01

This is three coats of each, (only two were needed but I smudged!), with two coats of Catrice Quick Dry and High Shine Top Coat. (My new favourite topcoat!)

Bad Romance is on my middle and pinkie fingers and Facets of Fuchsia is on my index and ring finger.

209.1 Deborah Lippman Bad Romance (Middle and Pinkie) Revlon Facets Of Fuchsia (Index and Ring) 01


So you can see here the black jelly base in Bad Romance is darker and more opaque. It looked like it had more glitter in the bottle but about the same amount comes out on the nails. (I did have to spread out the glitter when using Bad Romance because it clumped a bit). The darker base means that the glitter seems dulled/darkened more on the nails.

Also, because the black jelly base in Facets of Fuchsia is thinner/lighter, it is easier to apply and the glitter goes on the nail more evenly. It also looks brighter/sparklier because the jelly base doesn’t cover it as heavily.

If I had to choose a winner it would be Revlon Facets of Fuchsia because: 1. It’s cheaper, 2. The formula is easier to apply and 3. The glitter appears sparklier :)

If you like this look then definitely try the Revlon. Hope you enjoyed this comparison.


Thanks for looking!


Revlon Tanzanite

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing Revlon Tanzanite. It is a lovely metallic purple colour that shifts to a bronze colour at certain angles. The colour shift in the bottle is stronger (and prettier) than on the nail, but I still think it’s a pretty polish. :)

You can see the purple at the top of my nails and you can see the bronze closer to my cuticles.

201.1 Revlon Tanzanite 1

I wanted to do a striping tape mani and thought black would be a nice contrast to the purple metallic and here’s how it turned out:

201.2 Revlon Tanzanite and Essie Liqourice 1

Finally, here’s a pic of the bottle so you can see the gorgeous colour shift (and why I was disappointed it didn’t translate to the nail).

201.3 Revlon Tanzanite 1

I was really happy with the bright purple metallic colour but look at that lovely gold! I really wish the gold was stronger on the nail. It doesn’t even turn gold, it’s more of a dull bronze. Still pretty but just prettier in the bottle. :)

Thanks for looking!