Sally Hansen Velveteen (Velvet Texture) and China Glaze Elfin’ Around

Hi :)

I loved yesterdays polish so much that I couldn’t take it off yet, so instead I went to Google for some inspiration to spice it up. That’s where I found a pic of the Nicole Miller Fall 2014 runway nails. I used China Glaze Elfin’ Around and a striping nail art brush to try and recreate the look and this is how it turned out.

Sally Hansen Velveteen and China Glaze Elfin’ Around:

424.3 Sally Hansen Velveteen and China Glaze Elfin' Around

It didn’t quite look the same and I wasn’t sure why, (other than the fact that these nails were copied by me in my pyjamas eating Nutella from the jar and the runway nails were created by a professional!), and then I read the description of the nails and it said Katie Jane Hughes used a matte top coat to create her look. So then I added Essie Matte About You over the whole thing. (Didn’t get Nutella on my keyboard.)

Sally Hansen Velveteen, China Glaze Elfin’ Around and Essie Matte About You:


424.4 Sally Hansen Velveteen China Glaze Elfin' Around and Essie Matte About You

Then I declared to an empty room, with a chocolate covered spoon held to the sky: “Close Enough!” and went to bed. :)


The bottles:




424.5 Sally Hansen Velveteen China Glaze Elfin' Around and Essie Matte About You


Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel :)


Sally Hansen Velveteen (Velvet Texture)

Hi :)

I love, love, love this polish! It was an impulse purchase at the check-out and now I want them all! I thought it would be just another matte black, they kind of all look the same, but it’s actually quite special.

It’s a lovely mix of a subtle texture, matte and black! Mmmm…goth-y sophistication.

I had planned to use this as a base for some crazy nail art, thinking it was just going to be a plain black with a matte finish, but I loved the simple velvet texture effect so much that I couldn’t bear to touch it. Although I did touch it, it really feels like velvet! :D

What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

Sally Hansen Velveteen (Velvet Texture)

424.1 Sally Hansen Velveteen (Velvet Texture) 424.2 Sally Hansen Velveteen (Velvet Texture)

Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel :)

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Kitty, Kitty

Hi everyone :)

These are Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips and they’re called Kitty, Kitty.

These strips are the very best, in my opinion, I’ve tried a lot of them and this brand is my favourite.

The trick to applying these is removing the back paper and then placing the strip on the nail. Then when you’re happy with the position and have the wrinkles flatttened, you remove the top plastic layer. I find that this way you don’t tear the strips and positioning them is much easier.

I loved these ones because the strips look like they are all metallic, and they last for almost two weeks! For those of you wanting a mani to last the duration of your holidays, these are the answer.


Sally Hansen Salon Effects Kitty, Kitty.

398 Sally Hansen Salon Effects Kitty, Kitty


Have you tried nail polish strips?

Thanks for looking!


-Eleobel <3

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Sour Apple and Cherry Drop


Hi Everyone!

Today I have two really nice textures (or Sugar Coats) to show you. The first is a lovely pistachio ice cream colour, called Sour Apple and the second is a lovely bright orange red colour, called Cherry Drop.

I came across these polishes in Dealz (Poundland) and remembered when they came out, they were among the first textures. At the time, I thought they were so cool looking and original, but thought they were only in America so I was delighted to find them here.

They are the original nail-polish-with-sand-mixed-in type textures and although textures have evolved into lovely glittery matte creations, I really liked the simplicity of these polishes. They are lovely colours, which is the first thing I want in a polish, and they are great quality like all Sally Hansen products. I really enjoyed them and will wear them again, especially the red one because the colour is so lovely and bright.

If you want to try a texture and you’re not sure about them, these polishes would be a great first buy.


Sally Hansen Sour Apple

246.1 Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Sour Apple


Sally Hansen Cherry Drop

246.2 Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Cherry Drop



246.3 Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Cherry Drop Bottle


My little kitty’s pretty feet! She loves to stand where I’m taking pictures! :)



246.4 POTD Damson



What do you think of these textures?


Thanks for looking :)


-Eleobel <3

Sally Hansen Kiwi Bikini and Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m wearing a lovely bright green colour called Kiwi Bikini by Sally Hansen and the gold glitter accent nail is Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment.

This is two coats of each polish over Millionails and I used a gloopy layer of Seche Vite to top it off. (Don’t you hate when it goes gloopy half way down the bottle? I chucked it in the bin after this mani but then went back an hour later and fished it out because it does look so smooth even when it gloops!)

The gold glitter is sooo sparkly! Every time I wear a Nails Inc glitter I think to myself “Nails Inc really do the best glitters” – they are always pretty and super sparkly and they are full coverage! This is two coats!

What other glitter can you say looks this good after only two coats? I mentioned yesterday, briefly, that it’s hard to justify the price of some higher end polishes but Nails Inc glitters are worth every penny and I get so much enjoyment out of them that I never think twice about buying them.

I actually went through my polishes today looking for another colour to replace the green, that would also go with the gold and thought about only changing polish on my green nails because I don’t want to take the gold off. I ended up just leaving it alone. I love the sparkle! :)

224 Sally Hansen Kiwi Bikini and Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment

What do you guys think of accent nails? I read this article ages ago and it still annoys me because it was so bitchy – I remember Kaley Couco getting married and thinking her nails were so young and cool! I just recently got into accent nails and I think they’re fun! I’d love to know what you all think :)

Thanks for looking!

-Eleobel <3

Sally Hansen Lavender Envy

Hi Everyone! :)

And now for something completely different…

Today I have a polish and a mani I never wear. A sheer pink frost, with a green flash and a funky french with black tips.

I saw Sally Hansen Lavender Envy in Dealz for E1.49 and although it’s not usually the kind of polish I go for, it was pretty and I couldn’t resist the price. The next day I was watching Ink Master and noticed Lea had a french mani, black tips with a green flash. I thought the mani was kind of cool and thought that Lavender Envy was the perfect polish to use to copy this look.

Of course I can never leave any mani alone, so I added these cute Essence French Glam stickers to my ring finger.

This is two coats of Lavender Envy over Essie Millionails basecoat. One coat of Essie Licorice for the tips and my topcoat was half Seche Vite and half NYC Grand Central Station. (I read on MUA that this mixture was really good and tried it because I had half a bottle of each left. I’m not sold on it yet.)

217.1Sally Hansen Lavender Envy Essie Licorice



So do you love it or hate it?

If you have any requests please leave them in the comments!

Thanks for looking :)

– Eleobel

Sally Hansen Wild Life

Hi Everyone :)

I have another Anti-Valentines mani today and I’m going to show you how I did it too. When I posted the Revlon Tanzanite striping tape mani, the lovely Ting asked for a tutorial, so here it is!

I have to mention that I had no power or water yesterday, because of the terrible weather, so the quality of the pictures and the mani itself isn’t great. I decided to still post it because, it still shows how I achieved the look – but please forgive the bubbles and weird lighting :)

First step: I applied base coat. At the moment I’m using Essie Millionails. (It’s really good if you’re thinking about trying a new base coat, I have zero complaints).

210.1 01


Then I applied two coats of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Wild Life. (Again, sorry for the bubbles.)

210.2 01

I then cut off 12 long pieces of striping tape and stuck them to the lid of my topcoat. (Catrice Quick Dry and High Shine Top Coat – a new favourite.) It’s easier to remove the tape if you use long pieces, and easier to handle when applying.

210.3 01


This next step is the key to getting the particular pattern I used in the Revlon Tanzanite mani. I used my tweezers to stick one piece of tape from the bottom corner of my nail, to the opposite top corner.

210.4 01


Then I added two more pieces, above and parallel to this piece of tape.

210.5 01


The next step is to stick a piece of tape to the other bottom corner of the nail and only bring it as far as the very first piece of tape.

210.6 01


Then add two more pieces, one either side.

210.7 01

This is the completed pattern. Now all you have to do is paint over it in black (Essie Licorice) and remove the pieces of tape immediately using a tweezers.

Tips: If you slowly pull the tape from one side to the other, you’ll get a cleaner line. Use a thin coat of polish and again, remove immediately. (I didn’t remove immediately because I was taking pictures and that’s why the lines are a bit crooked)

210.8 01

I repeated this on my pinkie and this is how it looks so far.

210.9 01


I wanted to cover the pink nails because they bubbled so I decided to make it an Anti-Valentines mani and add a black striped heart and a black glitter heart.

210.15 01

Finally, I want to show you this polish I got in Dealz (the Irish version of Poundland) – it’s called Pretty Metallic Nail Polish and I love it! It does smell awful though.

210.16 01



What do you think?

Thanks for looking!